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Christmas Eve

Al Hammamat, Tunisia

I'm ensconced now in a Sheraton with wireless internet access, my gloriously overheated room is festooned with drying clothes, I'm about to have a gourmet Christmas dinner, I'm going to sleep for 12 hours, and the hell with camping anyway. Merry Christmas!

Tonight's menu:
1. pate du canard with figs and fruit sauces (very, very nice improvement on plain old pate)
2. consomme de...some seafood...
3. Turkey rolled around some kind of leafy vegetable: indescribable and great
4. creamed potato tower: think whipped cream, only potato...
5. custard with chocolate lines drawn on it, and english pudding
6. cafe au lait

I showed up so late, they gave it to me for 1/3 of the price, which, because I'm stingy as all hell except when I'm not, naturally quadrupled my pleasure.

Bonne nuit Mia.

permalink written by  roel krabbendam on December 24, 2006 from Al Hammamat, Tunisia
from the travel blog: Harmattan
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merry christmas Roel! We are missing you something awful out here in the desert of Tucson! We are having fun without you and thank you for calling every day as both Mia and I need the sound of your voice and hearing about your day to keep us sane - okay that might be questionable anyway...but at least it is a further attempt at being sane.

Franklin - happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying it and I wish you would go join my crazy man....for a portion of the trip.

Roel, we love you and hope you are sleeping well....
hasta manana!

permalink written by  Polly Dithmer on December 24, 2006

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