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Mind Trip

Oakland, United States

On August 1st I quit my career. Below is an edited version of the email I sent out to my collegues at ACT on my last day.

I've been working in this business professionally since I
was 10 years old and I've done just about everything there is to do on
both sides of the stage and across most of the performing arts. When
I look back I realize that I've been in tech for most of that time and
frankly 23 years in tech is about all I had in me. The 10 year old
Jared got his wish and was fortunate enough to have worked on and with
some of the most inspiring, beautiful, moving, thought provoking and
life changing experiences this world has to offer, but it's time for
the 33 year old Jared to get to explore his dreams. My long term
strategy is to open a space for the dazzling community of artists in
this town and to subsidize it by selling them booze. I'm going to open
a bar. I don't know when, and I'm not sure how, but it's time to find
out. Somehow in my life people
and places come, go and come back again. When they're gone, it's as if
they were never there, but when they're back it's as if no time had
passed. So many of you have touched my life in ways I can never begin
to understand and I hope that I've done the same for you. This is the
hardest decision I've made in my life and I'm not entirely sure that
it's the right thing to do, but I have to try. After today, you can
email me at jradhirschATsbcglobalDOTnet and call me at 510.290.9726.

until then,

permalink written by  JRadhirsch on August 30, 2008 from Oakland, United States
from the travel blog: The Great American Road Trip
tagged Theater, ACT and Life

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