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The Finns

Helsinki, Finland

We take the last of our epic train journeys, this time into Finland, home of erm...Finnish people and erm...Finlandia Vodka oh and santa. This journey for me was somewhat arduous cos i couldnt get much sleep...

Fortunately, we arent going to santa's wonderland to pretend to be enthralled by his magic. We are staying in the capital city...the hustle and bustle of this northern capital. by hustle and bustle i actually mean quiet and decorum. A very neat. organized place to be. They had good coffee shops (jaw droppingly expensive), interesting restaurants (jaw droppingly expensive) and nothing open ater 5pm (jaw droppingly old fashioned). We had dinner in one of our new guidebooks recommended haunts. We are onto a new guide book now so the occasionally suspect choices of the previous book have been replaced with sure fire hits from the new europe on a shoestring book. We decided after eating regular food for so long it was time to splash out a bit. I had reindeer meatballs and Veal meatloaf in a lambs blood sauce. (actually no lambs blood sauce but it sounds more interesting) and tony had elk stew with wild boar kidneys or something. The reindeer tasted really good, very meaty and satisfying. i felt a little sorry for eating one of santa's mates, but in the end i couldn't stop devouring rudolph.

We visited an island called Seaborg bout 20 minutes over the sea. it used to be a fort. the aim of which is to protect helsinki from invaders. I found it comically ironic that this fort had been destroyed, blown up, captured at least 10 times since it's inception 160 years ago. thats good protecting...ha. This island offered up lots of darkened tunnels and passageways under the ground and massive rusty cannons. I wanted to straddle one (cannon, not passageway) and sing "If i could turn back time" by cher but thought it might be too graphic. i did enjoy hobbling around taking pics of anything and everything. and i had the distinct pleasure of listing to a belgian 15 year old talk about her boyfriend to her pals incessently as she walked behind us. i got the feeling she had a boyfriend...

As for other events in the capital of finalnd, there are none. This is due to the fact that we were only there about 30 hours. just enough time to realize it was very cold now. the hot weather seemingly behind us. Surely Finland will be the coldest of stops...

We hop onto our boat to head over the sea to Sweden. This boat was huge. And by huge , i mean huge. from the statistics, it was 4 times bigger than our boat to Shanghai. This hopefully means that it won't be tossed around like a paper cup in the event of a storm. I say goodbye to Helsinki by playing playstation3 games on the special playstation 3 zone. Like i said, this boat was huge. It even had a street inside it...a street!!!!

permalink written by  adamski752 on September 7, 2008 from Helsinki, Finland
from the travel blog: Adam's Leisurely Return Home
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