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Arrived in India!

Delhi, India

Arrived in Delhi in the early hours of the morning - the horns started before we even left the airport!! There was traffic everywhere - even at 4am. Auto-rickshaws, bikes, buses, cars, pedestrians - the lot! the driving consists of honking and swerving! Indians have the most amazing spatial skills ever!! it's totally nuts - but it totally works!

You can see all the prep for the Commonweatlth games in 2010 - new metro lines above the roads are being built everywhere (dunc, you'd love it!). They've obviously made a huge effort to plant heaps of trees too - although they don't look too well...

As we drove through the streets leading to our hotel, we did actually think that maybe a bomb had gone off - lots of them in fact - the place is rubble and dirt, people laying under bankets and dogs roaming. Hotel room very spacious and comfortable - though a little smelly! hehe..

Feeling good!

Woke up to sound of horns (its Sunday morning, is it never not rush hour!). Now have to be brave and venture outside. But first we can have breakfast in the Hotel so we don't have to leave just yet.

Our first experience of food in India interesting, has buffet which is a mixture of European and Indian delights which we weren't sure what they were but tried them anyway. Tea urn pours out tea which already has milk and alot of sugar in it.

Left the hotel and within the few mintues walk to the metro station we had at least 3 beggers which we ignored like professionals. Streets are not so dirty once they are full of the markets and people and traffic.

Metro is very cheap only 8 Rs which is about 25c. As its all new its very clean and efficient and I think its better than the London Underground.

Went to the Red Fort - big and impressive. Got an auto rickshaw there - which is definitely an experience - experiencing the crazy driving realy up-close and personal!

Got even closer to death on the bike-rickshaw on the way to the Ghandi Monument - all FUN!

then using the pedestrian mode we crossed four roads to get to Gandhi museum - wee hee - you really know you're alive!! Really enjoyed museum - even had bullet he was shot with!

Cruised around a bit, caught up with the rest of the tour in evening - all seem nice - phew! two other English, 2 Austrian and 6 Aussies......Went out for tea with couple of student Aussies.

5 Feb
Started the tour proper this morning - with a crazy as local bus ride across Delhi. the sights on the way are indescribable - and even the photo's don't do any of it justice. We went to the Muslim temple, then through a mad maze of alley ways, markets - so skinny - but that doesn't stop cars, motorbikes, rickshaws and hundreds of people using them! the wires above are....scary....but the monkeys jumpin all around them seem to be doing alright!

We to the Sikh temple - which feed 10,000 people a day - for free! Megan rolled a roti for one of them.

riskshawed our way to the Spice Market - which had everyone coughing and spluttering. back on the bikes to cross town to another metro station and then back to the centre of Delhi - Connaught Place.

Chillin, shopping and eating our way to 9 this evening - when we head to the train station...and no Delhi Belly to report as yet!!

permalink written by  megankevin on February 4, 2007 from Delhi, India
from the travel blog: India
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hi guys

Good to see you made it, we are basking in temps of 27, Sevens was great
Happy wedding anniversary have fun !!!!

luv Dad & Jo


permalink written by  Jo-Anne Stead on February 6, 2007

We are very jealous already - sounds amazing! Happy 1 year anniversary. David wants to know if Kevin has been mistaken for an upper caste Indian man yet? Miss you heaps
Love Vicki and David

permalink written by  Vicki McAuliffe on February 7, 2007

Hi Megs and Kevin. Isn't technology wonderful, hearing all your news so quickly. Just wish we could see your faces as you travel about. Thinking of you every day. Lots of Love, Mum & Don

permalink written by  esther sweet on February 8, 2007

Hi Megs and Kevin. Isn't technology wonderful, hearing all your news so quickly. Just wish we could see your faces as you travel about. Thinking of you every day. Lots of Love, Mum & Don

permalink written by  esther sweet on February 8, 2007

HI there glad to see you are enjoying yourselves.
It will definately be an anniversary you will remember. To be able to follow you on the map and now having received the photos,it's just tremendous.
love Mum & Dad

permalink written by  Barry Franklin on February 11, 2007

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