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Varanasi, India

Got up early and still cold and wet, Megan did some yoga breathing with the guide. Headed of on the boats again for the last leg, the rowers must be really tired one has a big blister on his hand.

Our boat arrived at Varanasi about 2pm, shit everywhere, people just come down to the river to do a dump!! this is definitely a 'shit' beach!

Walked to our hotel which wasn't far, and back to the traffic and beeping, difference this time is there is also cows wandering around.

Was very exicted about having a hot shower, but no luck as only cold water, then no water at all and Kev had to rinse himself from a dribble of water from the tap.

Went into busy market in Old Varanasi the went to ghats. Kids trying to sell postcards and beggars all over the place. Went to ghat where they burn the dead. They do between 100 and 200 a day!

Had drinks at hotel in the Austrians room (2 chicks from tour). Hadn't been able to drink for the past few days (on the Holy river) so they went down well and conversation was definitely flowing!! Couldn't drink in hotel restaurant (have to be at least 250 mtrs from river) so after a quick bite down there it was back up to the room for more!!

9 Feb

Woke up to the sound of more beeping! still no hot water, bvut Kev got more than a dribble this time at least.

Caught rickshaws to Buddhist Temple (where Buddha stopped on his way to enlightenment - or some shit). The temple itself was not that exciting, but our self-employed guide was quite amusing! attached himself to us and then demanded money at the end... oh well, it only works out a couple of dollars..

Spent a lot of the afternoon at a Tailors. We all sat on matrsesses on the floor surrounded by stacks of fabric. The tailor talked to us all about how the fabric was made and dyed and printed. It was really interesting - as was trying on various designs - and purchasing!!! A couple of skirts for Megan and a couple of shirts for Kev will be awaiting us when we return to Delhi! very cheap.

That night we went out on the river again for a flower ceremony. We had musicians - a sitar and a drum player - they were ok.....again , I wouldn't buy the CD he tried to sell us.

We made wishes as we sent off marrigolds in we leaf bowls with candles in them. It looked so beautiful as it got really dark. If some of them made it a way down the ghats some of those wishes may come true!

had tea that night in a nepalise rooftop restaurant (bc you can drink there), except Megan had Chicken Enchilladas!

10 Feb

Went into town with James and Tracey (English couple). The rickshaw ride and the road into town are unbelievable. potholes everywhere, round-abouts which everyone ignores and cows everywhere! it's absolutely filthy and mad - but really exhilerating!! this is a place where you truely know you're alive. Every time we venture out we take our lives into our hands it feels like - but actually it all works very well and there's only a few accidents and no road rage!!

Walked along Ghats again, but this time headed into the old town which is full of markets in alleyways. You feel as though you've stepped back in time thousands of years. It is filthy, but there's so much going on you don't really notice - cept when you stand on a pooh!

The whole time we had this wee boy following us - trying to coax us into his uncle's solk shop! they don't know the meaning of 'no' here!

When we finally found our way out of the maze we checked out some of the more 'local' ghats with people doing their washing hard out and just living.

headed off for overnight train at 4.30pm - played cards and drank 'special' coke, fanta and lemon drink. (had to put that whisky and vodka somewhere!)

There were a newly-wed couple in the bunk next to us - what a way to start your life together!! They didn't appear to really know each other anyway....

permalink written by  megankevin on February 8, 2007 from Varanasi, India
from the travel blog: India
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Happy Wedding anniversary kids!
Glad to be able to see and read your advantures, sounds freaking awesome! wish I was a fly in the wall : )
Miss you! but see you soon

permalink written by  Norma Stein on February 12, 2007

hey megs and kev. your travels sound sooo wonderful and you are doing so well on keeping us all informed. very entertaining. have lots of fun
x rachel

permalink written by  Rachel McGrath on February 12, 2007

Kev & Megs.
We are really impressed with what you are doing and seeing(not particularly the dead horse and floating legs).
All I hear mum say is "Oh my god" every so often whilst reading your latest exploits.
Keep sending your obsevations on your trip we are really enjoying them.
Love Mum & Dad

permalink written by  Barry Franklin on February 14, 2007

Dear Meg and Kev
Wonderful to hear all the excitement in your "voices". Just keep off the "special coke" when you are wandering about those narrow back lanes. Lol. Mum & Don

permalink written by  Esther Sweet on February 14, 2007

Hey Megs and Kev,

Outstanding reading your tales of your travels ! Sarina said she can just about smell Varanasi from here :)

Enjoy the rest of your time safe travels we're looking forward to reading the next installment.


Mark, Sarina and Ayla

permalink written by  Mark, Sarina and Ayla on February 14, 2007

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