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Pink (Terracotta) City

Jaipur, India

Took a 6 hour bus ride from Agra and arrived in Jaipur mid arvo. Journey not too bad, still lots of beeping on the main roads. Couldn't see what the driver was beeping at as he had a curtain blocking the view out the windscreen - probably a good thing.

Leaving Agra, we had the wonderful sight of lots of people having there morning poo - in any space available.

The accomodation in Jaipur was very nice and we finally had a hot shower. Chilled out for a bit and then went to see how carpets are made. The guy was very funny as he sounded just like Borat. We must have been convinced as we bought one - maybe the rum and cokes Borat gave us helped us with our decision!

Caught cycle-rickshaws back from dinner that night which is alway an experience - we tipped the guy well as we think he was worried about the wear on his tyres.

It seems every town we visit just adds another animal or two to the traffic - here there are also camels and elephants!

13 Feb

Got up early and headed to this small centre called Ladli, which helps the children of Jaipur, giving them skills in jewellery making and teaching them. They help about 300,000 children every day in various ways. YOu just can't believe the things these girls have had to endure.

We bought a whole lot of their jewelery - which was actually very good.

We caught a local mus up to another Fort - this one had lots of ddetail still intact - mirror rooms and really interesting architecture - they had some good ideas about aircon back then!

the hills surrounding were lined with old walls and turrets - must be alot like the Great Wall I reckon.

After lunch we decided to brave the shops - and put on our haggling hats!! It was heaps of fun and on the whole I think we did ok - got most of the things we bought below 50% of the original asking price. Did end up with a whole lot of stuff we proabably didn't need to buy - but hey!

In the evening we headed out to a Bollywood movie - Megan was stoked! It was really good, and you could follow most of it pretty well - the blokes weren't too impressed though and did try to sneak to the pub at half time!!

permalink written by  megankevin on February 11, 2007 from Jaipur, India
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