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Camel ride in the desert

Pushkar, India

It was very sad to leave the Fort. It was such a neat place and we'd had so much fun there. We headed off late morning for Pushkar - and our new form of transport - a camel!!

The two hour jeep ride was a bit rough, but the country side is beautiful! it's very rural and brown, but the people make up for the lack of colour by wearing really brightly coloured clothes - and massive smiles!

Pushkar is a very religous place - they'll be no alcohol (prob good), meat, eggs or fish for the next couple of days! There is a small lake here surrounded by ghats and temples. We got a good view of this from the roof top restaurant we ate at. There are lots of tourists - heaps of whom are Israeli. They all dress very hippy, and it feels like Thailad or something. Poeple come here for the 'special' Lassi, but we've been warned off this potent drink.

THe town itself is a lot smaller than others we've visited and much more quiet. Not a honk in earshot!!

After lunch it was a short walk to our camels! arrrghhhhh. Once you're on them it's ok - it's the getting on and off that is terrifying! Especially for Megan who had a big metal bike pointing directly at her front bum! After a good couple of hours 'on-board' we were ready for tera firma!

The camel dudes set up our camp ( a massive tent for all of us to sleep under) while we enjoyed another sunset - this time surrounded my desert, small farms and grass huts. just beautiful.

We sat around the fire while the camel dudes collected our food from some local houses. Everyone was very quiet - still recovering from the big night!

When dinner did finally come, it was...interesting.....very tough and hot. dunno. didn't have seconds!

The tent was cosy, but definitely not comfortable, as there were no matresses. A group of dogs fought all night just outside.

16 Feb

Got up ealryish - although not early enough as most of the others had gone off for a morning walk up a nearby hill....bummer. Had another interesting meal - porridge and toast this time - although we've never had porridge like that before...

One of Megan's shoe's had gone walk-about and the fear was that the dogs had had it for dinner! luckily it had just got caught up in the tent door. phew - it's her only pair.

After brekkie it was back on the camels...and the scary metal pole! Alot more comfortable with the whole thing today and Kev looks quite the pro, especially wearing his camel dudes bright Orange turban the whole trip back!!

We spent most of the morning sitting around the pool at the hotel - heaven!! Would've been perfect if you could order beer!

Had a little walk around town - mainly markets selling loads of clothes and scarves. Very colourful and the shop people don't seem to hassle us much at all.

Had a really nice dinner with the group ad it's our last night we'll be able to do this. Sat by the ghats, which look much prettier by night. Everyone seems knackered - it's been a busy and amzing trip - and most of us have also had a bit of the flu at one time or another. Happy to report there's been no Delhi belly though!! wee hee.

17 Feb

Slept in a bit and then went wandering into town. Had a really big brekkie and spent all our money on little nik-naks! panicked a bit when the only ATM in town didn't accept our card, but managed to change some TChqs in some dodgy wee office..

Caught the train from Ajmer to Dehli at about 3.30pm - 'Sitting A/C'. It was very comfortable and the food was never-ending!! After we first got on they brought around tea and biscuits, then they brought a sandwhich and fried Indian thing (and more tea), then it was tomato soup and bread sticks, then this big dinner with rice and dhal and all sorts!! Then came yoghurt and finally they served icecream! it was incredible - we're wondering what the plane food will be like now!!

permalink written by  megankevin on February 14, 2007 from Pushkar, India
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