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Heading Bush: Day 1 - "We'll Be Pissing In What Now?"

Port Augusta, Australia

Left Adelaide: 30/10/06
Arrived Alice Springs: 08/11/06

I've been trying to get my arse into gear to write about this 10 day outback tour I did with Heading Bush but you know those Words Don't Do It Justice situations? Well this is one of them. No tour will ever compare to this, seriously, it was possibly the most amazing ten days of my life.

Top Row: Sile, Hans, Suzanne, Allison, Sam
Bottom Row: Keith, Emma, Me, Mav, Alex

Again, I've cheated with dates, the one at the top of the post relates to the day the events took place. I've separated day by day to try and cut down on the sheer amount of words that could potentially occur.

Task one was getting out of bed after only three hours sleep and too much beer because the previous evening was spent saying bye to Kliff and Toni.

Task two was attempting to converse in a coherant manner with the people I'd be sharing a cramped jeep with for the next ten days, this was accomplished with minimum drooling which was a bonus.

Task three was Learning To Sleep In The Jeep. This was abandoned on account of it being rude to drool on people you barely know so we Had Conversations and ascertained that we would be spending the majority of the following ten days relieving ourselves in various holes around the desert.

It was early afternoon when we learnt how much Mike liked making us walk. We trekked up a small hill to look at some Aboriginal rock art and I use the term "art" loosly. At the risk of offending the deities, its a bit crap isn't it, it looks like a four year old got hold of some chalk and went a bit mental. Come on admit it, you think the same, you just don't want to say it out loud at the risk of sounding like an uncultured swine.

Most of Day One was spent getting to know each other whilst getting to Arkaba Station (bush camp just south of Wilpena), I don't think I've ever been with a group of people that clicked so quickly and so well, it was a mass of different personalities with the ages ranging from Emma at 18 to Hans at 51 and they all rock. Anyway, soppy moment over because I want to tell you about the toilet that Sam built which is probably the classiest bush dunny in the history of holes in the ground for pooing in. It had a tree branch across it for a seat (which rustled when you sat on it which is actually quite unnerving in the middle of nowhere when its pitch black) and a place to put the bog roll. We contemplated the practicality of a magazine rack with some newspapers or maybe a light hung in the tree then decided that we should probably attempt to rough it a little bit. After all, that's why we parted with our $1400 in the first place.

And oh my god how comfy are swags?! Swags are like a large, canvas coffin for want of a better and less sinister explanation, you get to fall asleep watching shooting stars, so much better than a tent and they're obscenely comfortable.

Anyway, congratulations on getting to the end of Day One without slitting your wrists. Day two will be added at some point in the future when I have too much time on my hands again and fancy torturing cyberspace with my crap.

permalink written by  Koala Bear on October 30, 2006 from Port Augusta, Australia
from the travel blog: Sod Off Great Big Mission Round Oz
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