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Heading Bush: Day 9 - "Kings Canyon Rim Walk"

Glen Helen, Australia

Today more walking would occur. A lot more walking. In fact, part of this walk is actually known as Heart Attack hill. Oh fucking fantastic, I'll look forward to that then shall I?

The trouble with these walks is that they're very much Had To Be There moments. The scenery is awesome and the photos never do it justice and the Kings Canyon Rim Walk is no different. Its also bloody hot and there's no escape from the sun which was Mike's Day 9 excuse for getting us up early.

We did the usual shit, we hung over a cliff edge, I caught up on the sleep I'd been deprived of in the Garden Of Eden and me and Allison re-enacted a lookout sign. I won't bore you with words, just look at the pretty pictures.

The rest of the day we entertained ourselves with drinking beer, looking for widgety grubs (and fortunately not finding any), drinking beer, photographing feral animals (not us), doing stuff associated with 10 people sat in the back of a jeep for too long drinking beer and playing with melons.

As in paddy melons, you filthy minded buggers.

We were driving through Aboriginal land and there's a sharp corner where the locals have placed a barrel with the words "Lift Um Foot" which is to stop the mingers (Aboriginal word for white man, has something to do with ants) from tearing round the corner and crashing. Once you're round the corner there's another one that says "Put Um Back Down" but the first one is weighted with these melons which we signed.
We wrote the usual stuff on it, our names and a few words about us being feral and Groovy Grape being cunts and I wrote a little message; "I can't believe I'm sat in the middle of the desert signing a bloody melon." I thought it summed it up anyway. Everything to happen on this trip has been Once In A Lifetime.

Anyway, day 9, our last night together as a group. We marked the occassion with beer and the ceremonial burning of Alex's $1.50 hat and discussed how we were going to kidnap Mike and make him take us up to Darwin then down the west coast.

It's a swine when good things come to an end init.

permalink written by  Koala Bear on November 7, 2006 from Glen Helen, Australia
from the travel blog: Sod Off Great Big Mission Round Oz
tagged RoadTrip, LovinIt and HeadingBush

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