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Day 17b

Seattle, United States

My flight wasn't until 7:30pm, but my time in Canada was done. I headed back to L & D's place in Seattle. Watching her wrap presents and helping her clean house was more relaxing than being shown off like a purebred. Here we have their lovely little Christmas shrine. She told me she wanted a full live Christmas tree, that maybe there would be one next year. She's sadly wasting away in a shit job, mind numbing and seductively offering her medical benefits. This woman is one of my oldest dearest friends and it hurts to see he so bored at a job AND she has to work weekends. She's kind to a fault, generous with her time to the right cause, she fights the good fight. She speaks fluent french and is very smart. Does anyone here know of anyone in the translation biz, or anything French related in Seattle? Please, please, please, someone must have connections somewhere up in there. I would love to see her working for a place that appreciated and challenged her.

A Seattle building snapped as I left with a bit of anxiety about getting to the airport on time.

The car. The Car. THE CAR!
2100 Miles, 18 days, 40 Miles per hour average, 29 Miles a gallon, 0 problems. Well, the arm rest folded up and down over the emergency brake, but that was the only roughness in the interface business. I didn't name her before I set off or during my journey. It was only as I was leaving the Advantage car rental lot that I realized her name was Justine. Hunh, who knew?

On to the airport I went. Everything went according to schedual. I had 45 minutes to kill. The flight was actually 30 minutes late so I had some time for data management. Ooo, exciting. I had a sandwitch and a Jack and Coke at the bar nearest the security check point. The "grilled" chicken sandwitch I scarfed down had been microwaved to a blistering temperature before serving. It wasn't a comlete waste as thankfully I was accosted by a cute young lady, T. She had come from Vegas and was heading back to Portland. So, when girls do that playful hitting you in the arm thing, that's good, right? Because she must have hit me in the arm at least a dozen times to make a point, enjoy a joke with me, or admonish my rudenesses. She has four brothers so it could have been that that motivated her to extreme bouts of frindlyness. Or she could have been drunk. I was a bit tipsy myself. And so we passed like ships in the night, drunk and happy.

While waiting at the gate I did have a little fun tying to find other macs with my mac who had open drop boxes. There were none. This missing pay phone symbolizes my inability to connect with other people at the gate through data drop vandalism. All I wanted to do was upload a picture of the Burningman man getting burned. It's a really pretty picture. I mean that'd be totally awesome, right? To find a randomly dropped image on your computer?

I arrived an hour late into SFO, picked up by my good friend Suzanne in her gorgeously decorated car. I was so excited to see her, to be home again. Home again, jiggidy jig.

permalink written by  kleer001 on December 3, 2008 from Seattle, United States
from the travel blog: Tijuana to Vancouver
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