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Welcome to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong, aka the private karaoke room adventure.

First we were delayed in Belfast and just barely made the plane in London. Then our plane was delayed on the tarmac for an hour while we waited for an air hostess to drive to work. After that it was smooth sailing and 12 hours later we arrived in Hong Kong. Local time 6:30 p.m. +1 day.

We're traveling with Michelle's sister Denise and her husband Gary now, so there are 4 of us for the Hong Kong portion of the trip. The night started with a complimentary bottle of wine in our shared suite at the Eaton hotel. After that we decided to kick things off with a fancy feed at Mortons of Chicago, overlooking Hong Kong bay. Dinner, cocktails and couple more bottles of wine, and we hit the streets.

Carlsberg is everywhere at it became the drink of choice as we moved from bar to bar. In between the bar hopping we hit the occasional street vendor where I sampled roasted duck head and octopus skewers, both of which I found delicious.

We started getting pretty loose and at some point we decided to follow some locals into what we thought was a club. It turned out to be a place where people rent private karaoke rooms. Imagine that, a private karaoke room! We tried crashing a few of the private rooms, including one that had a wedding party, but we were politely rejected each time. After talking shit about how silly the idea of private karaoke room is, we promptly booked our own private karaoke room.

Our room came with 2 buckets of carlsberg and they delivered more whenever we asked. We proceeded to howl like a pack of wild dogs and dance like drunks for hours. When stumbled out of the place around 5:00 a.m. we understood why someone would book a private karaoke room. It was a great nights craic.

permalink written by  soloshell3 on December 29, 2008 from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
from the travel blog: Solomon and Michelle's Southeast Asian escape
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