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Pole dancing AND killer penguins. Wait I mean seagulls.

Vancouver, Canada

So for a comparitively quiet week it seems some reasonably interesting things have happened. Now, as I am a filing "clerk" my days are boringly tame. I haven't been issued with a desk, or stationary yet. I'm a bit sad about that, but I guess you can't really put a desk between the two moving shelves of the file room, so that's alright.

ANYWAYS! Sarah and I decided that we should do something for the end of the week. We got a couple of people over for a few "quiet" drinks. By a few drinks, I'm pretty sure I'm refering the bottle of bacardi, 6 stubbies of beer, one bottle of wine that was consumed between us. Sarah is making drink lots Mum. It wasn't my idea I swear. I think the neighbours still like us though as we weren't having loads of people come and go all night. Unlike the people across the hall. I'm starting to wonder if it's a brothel or a drug den. Not sure yet. But will keep everyone updated on this page.

Saturday day morning for Sarah saw a hangover. As I am way more better at drinking and I drink a lot less than her too, I had no hangover. We decided that the best thing to do would be to go to North Vancouver. Not that we knew exactly what was there. But we got to go on a "Sea Bus". Not a bus at all really, more of a ferry. But these Canadians are strange sometimes. Sarah, in her hung over state thought that it was appropirate to be pole dancing in a childrens playground! Photo evidence is attached.

Now, there didn't really seem like a whole lot to do on the North shore, but we had a wander around a market and a bit of pizza. It was while enjoying my lunch that I was ATTACKED by a seagull. It swooped down, removed the slice of pizza that was in my hand (moving towards my mouth) and proceeded to crash into the ground where the clever seagull was set upon by his so called mates and the pizza slice was devoured in about 5 seconds. At first I was mad. but then I was kinda impressed by the ploy. That brave criminal penguin has his mugshot posted here.

Otherwise we had a very pleasant afternoon, generally wandering around and taking pictures of downtown from the North Van "Sea Bus" stop. Nice.

Sunday was rather quiet as once again we had a few "quiet" drinks with friends on Saturday night. But Sarah decided it was time she learn how to throw a firsbee. A quiet afternoon in the park with the frisbee was just what the doctor ordered after he ordered a two bottle of Bacardi weekend.

permalink written by  haveyouseenmypassport on March 25, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
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Oh my god, dont panic Tom, stay calm, turn slowly to the nearest mirror and look at the Dirty Mo that has attached itself to your face.

I know its cold, but really Tom.....

permalink written by  Jeannie Polson on April 1, 2007

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