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Amazing Queenstown

Queensbury, New Zealand

This time around in Queenstown, I had far more energy than the last time, as i hadn't come right off the 3 day Routeburn track...

So got to get out and see so much more of the place, Did 3 amazing activities, The Shotover Jet, a Jet boat ride at 85kph through canyons along the Shotover river ! the boat pulls off amazing 360 spins at breakneck speed ! really cool !

Also got to go Bungy Jumping, AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge, really differnt feeling falling off the bridge compared to Skydiving ! id say scarier as you can see the river so close, My upper body even hit the water before the cord pulled me back up almost just as quick !

Queenstown gave us the chance for a massive night out, us boys had planned to go out dressed up as the rock band 'Kiss' but as ever the planned descended into chaos as we were all off bungee jumping, jet boating or river boarding or some other crazy activity right up until we needed to head out, so we just donned the wigs which made us look more like the 80% of the Jackson Five than anything else...

We had a great time, got lashed and caused a lot of commotion which ever bar we ended up in next !

I requested Run DMC "Its Tricky" remembering a old night out from Uni a few years back and within seconds we were doing the "road trip dance" and had all the girls & a hen party up on the dance floor...talk of the town if only for a few minutes !

Some guy even bought us a round of drinks as we reminded him of his "crazy days" before he got married, not quite sure what he was on about, but we accepted the drinks never the less...Great effort !

On our final day we went luging which involves a cabel car up to the top of the moutain then several luging runs later we were tired and crashed out ! and went down into town for a burger !

...Just another tough few days at the office...

permalink written by  tomrendell on April 2, 2007 from Queensbury, New Zealand
from the travel blog: New Zealand
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Hi Tom - just had a look at the bungy jumping bridge, or should I say the bridge you did your bungy jump from! Maybe that's when you got your sore throat, from dipping in the water at high speed!! Glad you told me afterwards and not before! Take care, love Mum xx

permalink written by  lynda rendell on April 8, 2007

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