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Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico

Just kidding. It's not my spring break, but it was spring break for a lot of schools in the US. And I met about half of them in Acapulco. I had no idea so many students actually went to Mexico for spring break. Most of them didn't know Spanish at all, so they booked through this company called Student City, which organizes spring breaks for colleges students. I really don't know why they bothered to go to Mexico because they hardly even saw the country or interacted with Mexicans at all. They were only there to drink and do nothing on the beach all day (which isn't even that pretty).

It was the most stereotypical "Spring Break in Mexico" I have ever seen. The meal plan included unlimited drinks, so everyone starting drinking at 10, and the bar starting playing really loud rap music at 10:30 in the morning. One of the songs actually had lyrics like "I love college" and "Do something crazy, you're in Mexico." Most of the girls were already tan because they had obviously gone tanning before coming to Mexico. Some of the guys looked like they were going to fall over because they lifted weights so much but apparently forgot to work out their chicken calves.

I was really embarrassed to be a US college student because they make us all look really bad, and they fulfilled almost every stereotype about dumb US Americans. A lot of them were REALLY rude to the Mexicans that were walking around trying to sell things like dresses, towels, drinks, massages, and tattoos. (And some of the tattoos were just pictures of sex positions.) But maybe we sent of a vibe that we didn't fit in with the rest of them because a lot of the Mexicans actually approached us speaking Spanish and offering us cervezas.
It makes me sick that the people who work in Acapulco depend on the US tourists to make a living. And their income literally depends on how well they can cater to what the tourists want.

Oh, and we met a really cool guy on the bus. He asked Melissa what type of music she liked and she Reggat├│n. He shook his head and said he didn't listen to that because the words were so degrading to women. Then Melissa looked stupid. The end. Ha. But we tried to meet up with him at the beach the next day, and it didn't work out...

On the bus ride back, we watched a really cool movie called "Vitus." It was in German with Spanish subtitles, and I read the whole movie and understood it :)

permalink written by  Kimberly on March 2, 2009 from Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico
from the travel blog: Cuernavaca, Mexico
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