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A World Cup and Some Aussie Hospitality

Durban, South Africa

Having stocked up on enough adrenaline to spark a herd of stoned elephants into life I set off for Durban, via the Transkei (now known as the Wild Coast), in order to catch the last few days of the second cricket Test between South Africa and Australia. It would have been the last three days, but I got side tracked at an amazing backpackers called Buccaneers - the venue where I watched Wales win the Rugby Sevens World Cup!

My time at Buccaneers was spent relaxing and taking long strolls along the beach and just reconnecting with myself in general, and all at my old companies expense - their leaving present was two days and nights all paid for at Buccs. Had it not been for the lure of some live sport, and a spot of Aussie baiting, I would have happily bypassed Durban, but as it was it was a worthwhile stop - not least because I got to see Tristan, who was working at the cricket.

In my eyes Australians are, on an individual basis, more or less like marmite - you either love them or hate them. Now I can't speak for every Australian, but the ones I met at the cricket were a great bunch and certainly knew how to celebrate winning the cricket. Luke, the leader of Australia's version of the Barmy Army, rallied his troops to put on a braai that equalled any I have had in South Africa.

At this point it may be prudent to point out he did win 240 cans of beer, and enough money to buy three cows, in a 'hit the wicket' competition at the cricket. We all know the Aussies enjoy their beer, but even Luke admitted the prospect of drinking all 240 cans in the space of 19 hours before his flight to Cape Town was lacking in appeal - and he calls himself an Aussie. Still the rest of us were not complaining as he furnished us with as much beer and steak as we could put away.

Having done what I wanted to do in Durban I began to get a little restless, not to mention depressed, about being in another South African city that wasn't Cape Town. I felt like I was in limbo, here I was away from all that I knew, yet so much of it was not new and thus left me feeling neither here nor there. With that in mind I opted to push on for Maputo the following day in a hope that once out of South Africa I would really feel like I was travelling, instead of craving being back in Cape Town.

The details of Maputo will follow, but needless to say the change of environment - for one where everything is new and exciting - has helped lift my spirits and let me focus on the road ahead rather that what has been left behind. There are still moments where I miss Cape Town and people there, but this is the path I have chosen and it is one, with a little bit of luck, that will change my life forever. I can, however, safely say, wherever my chosen path leads me it will not change the fact my heart lies in Cape Town, and one day I will be back there - maybe even for good.

permalink written by  MarcusInAfrica on March 12, 2009 from Durban, South Africa
from the travel blog: Cape to Cardiff
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yip...Cape Town rocks and we should have a different passport to the rest of SA !! Enjoy Moz and please try buy me an AK47 !

permalink written by  El Presidente on March 13, 2009

Hey Marcus,

Great you bumped into some Aussies and its reassuring that their national trait is still very much to the fore. On a similar note, some years ago I went to the first day of Oz versus Pakistan at the SCG - the authorities were concerned about the amount of boozing as opposed to cricket appreciation so they imposed a 28 can limit per person!


PS Its Friday and the Irish are still in Cardiff celebrating

permalink written by  Huw Harries on March 27, 2009

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