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We did it, we're in the UK finally!

London, United Kingdom

We're here! We've arrived! My gosh, so much has happened in the past 24 hours I almost don't know where to begin, but I guess the obvious place would be the start, so.. here we go...

Last time we wrote we were waiting to board into the lap of luxury once more. This time, there were only 7 other people sitting in buisness class which suprised me. I thought HK - Ldn would have been a very popular leg for the buisness lot, but apparently not, not that I'm complaining. It was nice to have a virtually empty section. We settled back into our comfy pjs, selected a movie to watch and found ourselves a comfy position in the chairs (which are more like pods to be honest) and it was great. For 8 hours. Now, I really really don't wish to come across as if I'm sounding ungrateful, because I'm not, I'll always be thankful and appreciative to the upgrade during the flight, but my god did cabin fever set in! Our flight was 13 hours long, and as I said, the first 8 were fine,but then the lack of sleep, restlessness and boredom set in and all this doesn't help when your in a confide space. It wouldn't matter if you were sitting in premium, first, buisness or cattle class, 13 hours in a small space is too long. The air stewards were great though, so lovely and helpful and my god did they ever feed us. I felt like a bloody hobbit! Breakfast, second breakfast, 11sies, lunch, second lunch and all the snacks and free drinks in between! They love to give you drinks of the alcoholic variety on this section, and you can't help but think "why not? You only live once!" and swig back one or two.. (this time we didn't break any of the glasses, we were very civilised)

As we were flying we flew over some of the most amazing snow capped mountains I've ever seen. They went on for miles and miles and were gorgeous to watch and check out. It was insane though that on one side of the plane you had this view and the other showed this barren, dry dead land. Such conrast! We flew over Russia too which was also covered in snow. It was quite amazing to be flying over these landscapes.

We touched down at Heathrow after doing several circles of the city as the air space was so busy. Kind of reminded me of Die Hard 2 when John McClanes wife is on the plane and they circle and circle and circle before going down in typical Hollywood fahion.. Thankfully for us though there was a smooth landing and no flames, though I wouldn't have minded too much if we'd run into Bruce Willis.. I'd have taken a photo or two for my mum.

Customs was nice and easy, just a few quick questions and we were through. We brought some 'Oyster cards' for the train, a prepaid train & bus ticket and head to Earls Court where we're currently staying. Negoiating the tube was easier than I thought, even with our MASSIVE packs and the first thing we saw when emerging into the sunlight was a 'tardis' which Chris insisted I posed with for a quick photo.

Our accom. is nice enough. We have a twin room which the lady at the check out desk said was 'bigger' than some of the other rooms. Well, if our room is bigger than the rest I'd HATE to see the size of the others! Chris and I have to suck in our breathe and walk sideways to walk past each other in this room... Okay okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's not far off the truth I swear! The corridoors are so thin that you do bash into the walls as you walk down them and I promise you that's no exaggeration at all! All in all though, it is a nice little spot. We're down stairs under road level and at the back of the hotel, it's a bit of a rabbit warren but it's quiet and that's what you want when all you want to do is SLEEP, which we did for 13 hours once our heads hit the pillow.

This morning we awoke still feeling a little 'off' and out of place but after a good size brekki (where we smuggled out some ham and cheese sangas) we hit the train system to see the sights. We managed to make our way to Buckingham Palace, which I almost missed. I had a complete blonde moment (no offence to those reading who are blonde, it's just an expression!) I happened to keep walking and Chris had to call me back saying "Em! Where are you going?" and I then asked "is this it?!" I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what was in front of me! We got some nice shots and waited some time for the changing of the guard which never happened before moving on. We saw and took pics of the Queen Victoria Monument, The horse guards parade, Big Ben,the houses of paliment, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Trafalguar Sq, Piccidilly Cir. and the London eye (that was from a distance though, that's on the cards in the next day or two) It was a very full on day filled with much sight seeing and me going "is that it?"

So now, after giving our legs a bloody good work out we sit in our wee hotel room resting and relaxing and looking into what lies ahead for us tomorrow, probably the London Eye and Tate Museum of modern art, but we'll wait and see how we're feeling tomorrow I guess. We DID want to go into Westminster Abby today but there was a large protest going on and we didn't wish to get caught up in it all. There was a huge police presence, underground in that area was closed and this morning the Westminster bridge had been closed off too as protesters had been threatening to throw themselves off into the river Thames (another site we saw today for the record) so.. we left it for today and quickly walked past it all in search for a cup of tea and hot chocolate, but could only find the pub so settled for a guiness and lemon lime and bitters (which they didn't know how to make?!) All in all, a nice day and we're looking forward to what else awaits!

To be continued...

permalink written by  Chris and Emily on April 7, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Europe 2009
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