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Arrival and orientation

Trier, Germany

Well, nothing terribly exciting yet. I got into Trier yesterday and took a taxi to my dorms, and finally have my own room again. It's a really exciting thing. Tommy's getting here was hectic - he was supposed to arrive at about 3, which was too late to check in with the Hausmeister so I'd gotten his keys for him. But he wasn't on the train. I waited for hours at the train station convincing myself he was just coming on the next one each time. He called me from skype at one point, but I didn't get to answer, saying he couldn't make the train he wanted and was doing his best to get to Trier. He'd call me with more information when he had it.

So I bought some food really quickly (honey and bread) and went home. At 10 he called from some old lady's cell phone who'd been nice enough to lend it to him, saying he would be getting into Trier somehow and asking directions to get to the dorms.

He somehow got let into the dorms and went up to my floor where he ran into one of my roommates who took him to my room right as the American next door came out of his, so everyone met everyone else right at once. It was crazy.

It turns out Tommy had missed his plane out of Chicago because the one to Chicago was delayed, and the next one wouldn't get to Germany soon enough, so he just went to Lufthansa for help. Switched airlines and had to fly to Munich instead of Frankfurt, and then had to take trains all the way across the country. Hence the delay. And of course in switching airlines his luggage didn't make it.

Today we had our first day of orientation-y things, which was basically an introduction. The three biggest groups here are actually the Japanese, the Americans, and the Danes. But there are so many people here from all over, I'm really excited!

permalink written by  lost_red_balloon on March 26, 2009 from Trier, Germany
from the travel blog: The Oldest City in Germany
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