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Beautiful Botswana

Kasane, Botswana

After a week of volunteering and spending our third wedding anniversary sitting in our room eating instant noodles we thought we would treat ourselves to an overnight trip to Botswana to check out the Chobe River.

Getting to Botswana required about an hours drive to the border of Zambia to get our passports stamped then another short drive to the river that divides Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Then we took a short trip via a tiny little dinghy to the other side of the river into Botswana. The dinghy took several attempts at getting it started. Through immigration on the other side and a walk through some disinfectant to help stop the spread of foot and mouth disease we were in Botswana.

The first day of the two day trip was fantastic. We went on the Chobe on a little jet boat and got nice and close to lots of hippos, elephants that were having a swim and loads of birds. We even got to see some buffalo and an assortment of different antelopes. One hippo even told us that he did not appreciate being disturbed and gave a half hearted chase.

We then went to the lodge for lunch and a bit of a nap before setting off on the afternoon drive through the Chobe National Park. The drive was awesome even though we didn't see any lions and still no cheetah. We were lucky enough to see leopards, big herds of elephants and buffalo which is a sight that can not be written down in words. The elephants and buffalo were crossing the river into Namibia in search for some greener grass. To see that many animals move at one time is something spectacular. (It has nothing on The Great Migration of the Masai Mara and seeing it on a small scale has made us want to visit Kenya at some stage).

Back at the lodge somewhat dusty from our drive it was time for dinner, on the menu was pasta with crocodile and eland (a sort of antelope) stew. Corrine was not even able to get through her entree of soup. The heat had been getting to her and she was not feeling the best. After Craig ate all of his meal including desert it was time to go to bed so we were nice and refreshed in the morning for another boat ride on the river... Unfortunately that did not happen. Corrine had taken a turn for the worse overnight and the thought of moving made her turn a deeper shade of green. The self diagnosed stomach bug was really making moving and the thought of breakfast unbearable. Craig enjoyed a romantic breakfast for one and was able to organise to get back to Zambia before the heat of the day really set in.

After getting to the Botswana check point it was on to a cargo ferry along with two trucks and a handful of other people wanting to get to the other side a short walk to the immigration office and that is where the fun began. Corrine still not feeling well started to feel really bad and fainted. All the workers were really good and helped and even got a taxi through to where taxis are not usually allowed to so we did not have to walk further than we had to. After the ride back in the taxi and getting ripped off by the driver of the cost of the fare, we settled back into our accommodation in Zambia only to find out the power had been out for the last few hours. We later find out there is a rolling stoppage every Tuesday and Sunday for an undefined period.

Back to school for Craig while Corrine spends some time recovering.

See you later

permalink written by  craigandcorrine on November 13, 2011 from Kasane, Botswana
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Oh my gosh, are serious right now?
What a post. I like your informative post. Keep it up.

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