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Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Ko Phi Phi was highly recommended and when I got there it seemed to be the perfect place for a real Thailand beach experience; we were staying in a wooden shack on the beach in a bay surrounded by beautiful hills covered in dense tropical forests. I was happier than a pervert in Phuket. It is not free from the plague of tourism that we had experienced so uncomfortably in Patong and although the nightlife is much cleaner, the ladyboys and prostitutes were replaced by mindless westerners and topless twats gyrating all over everything. In spite of a run-in with a particularly meaty meat-head we had a really good few nights there dancing on the beach to weird remixes and I even went for a drunken semi clothed swim which was amazing - although the next day my trousers smelt like a harbour.

We spent a few more days in this beautiful and slightly surreal environment - one of which was spent on a tour around the two islands. This included kayaking in Maya Bay (of The Beach fame) at sunset, visiting a beach with a load of monkeys on it and some snorkelling. Snorkelling was definitely a highlight for all of us, the other three having never snorkelled before.Tropical fish filled the water with colour and the only sounds under the water were the occassional hum of a longboat going by and the tiny chomps of the bigger fish nibbling algae off rocks. I liked swimming down right next to the coral and watching everything close up as they sense danger. Hugo summed it up perfectly, saying "We had a proper Planet Earth day today."

We'd also been tempted to go and see some Muay Thai fights but had decided against it as most big fights charge a lot of money. On Phi Phi, however, we found a bar with ring in it where fighters from the local training camp would come and fight in front of the enthusiastic, bucket swilling tourists for free. We watched guys being kicked to the floor only to come back and lay out their opponent. Definitely the best fighting I have ever seen live - although I suppose I only have streetfighting outside West Kebab to compare it to...

The incredible scenery and hilarious nightlife was not enough to keep us in this most perfect tourist trap and so with Josh on a mission to Kuala Lumpar to get his credit card(!), we decided to go back to Karon Beach for some more moped adventures. After waking up itchy and looking like rasher of bacon (I assume its heat rash or maybe a reaction to too much heat and deet) I was also looking forward to some air conditioning. Mmmm.

permalink written by  steve_stamp on May 1, 2009 from Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
from the travel blog: The art of being lost
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did u not fight then!! ha ha its joke there we saw it proper kick off with a dumb western chick and a thai boxer gir it was sick they pulled each others head gear off and started pulling hair!! i got punched in the back trying to protect her friend ha ha luckily im bleno!

permalink written by  David Stamp on May 8, 2009

Your adventures are such a pleasure and a joy to read!! Glad to hear you are well

As always Love the drawings!!


permalink written by  The Jad on May 9, 2009

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