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To Canada...again!

Calgary, Canada

I arrived in Calgary at 11am and met up with Rylan, who took me to Nosehill Park for views of downtown Calgary, before we headed back to his House to meet his parents and various overexcited animals. We then headed to downtown itself, where Rylan very helpfully couldn't think of a thing to see or do there. So, we bought some ice cream and walked along the River which was, unlike the Thames in London, beautiful, clear and bright blue. That's one of the many things that Canada definitely doesn't have a shortage of: water.

On the way home, Rylan got fed up of me making fun of his terrible driving of the standard-drive car he'd borrowed (of course, most Canadian cars are automatics) so as we entered his quiet neighbourhood he made me take the dRiver's seat. At which point I executed the smoothest gear changes I have ever managed in my life and was happily rubbing it in his face until we unexpectedly came to a 90 degree bend in the road and almost died.

For dinner, we barbequed some huge Calgary steaks and I got to catch up with Kira before Rylan and I headed off on our tour of the Rockies. As dinner ended, a thunderstorm of epic proportions hit Calgary. While the Canadians didn't seem particularly concerned by the lightning flashing relentlessly every second, I stood at the window like an English fool repeating "THIS IS INSANE!!" until gigantic hailstones began to fall from the sky.

Thunderstorm excitement wearing thin, we all watched Tim Minchin in what I like to call their 'home cinema' to finish off the day.

permalink written by  lucy3119 on August 12, 2012 from Calgary, Canada
from the travel blog: Canada and a little USA 2012
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