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Slowing Down

Cebu City, Philippines

This blog entry will be a short one. I don't have tons to report. I've been in Cebu for a couple of days now. I found a cheap hostel that is relatively clean and near one of the malls to stay in. The hostel is fine, except that theirs been a group of people the last couple nights that come in and are really loud for quite a while.

The way it is set up is that on each floor there's a lobby you first step into which has TV's, computers, etc. This is where people are supposed to hang out, and then they have all the rooms in the back with signs posted to be silent when in the room areas. That doesn't happen, but oh well it's cheap so my wallets happy, and the bathrooms aren't completely disgusting so that's even better.

For the last couple days I've been planning to take a bus trip to Oslob at 3am so that I can get there at 6 and go snorkeling with these whale sharks. The last couple nights the alarm has went off and I've shut it off without thinking about it. Tonight no trying to sleep early. I'm just waiting up, going to shower around 1:30, then take a taxi to the bus stop and jump on a bus. Come hell or high water I'm snorkeling with those beasts. So I should have some fun pics to put up tomorrow.

I haven't really moved on from Cebu to other places, because I've been comfortable, and they have 12 step meetings here, which I've been lacking in most of the places I get to. I find if I don't got to meetings enough I start getting too focused on my own shit, and then I miss the important stuff. So I've been enjoying the slow pace.

I've been doing some free lance work I was lucky enough to get, drinking coffee, going to meetings, and watching movies. It's been nice.

I should also inform you all of some other developments. As you all know the start to this trip was very rocky. It's been a struggle being able to get cash, which has left me in some moments crying, and worrying weather I would be able to eat or have a place to stay, it's not a really credit card friendly place.

Also while having some amazing experiences I've had some moments of real homesickness and loneliness at times too. After praying and thinking about things a lot I decided I wanted to be back in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I decided to check with my travel agent to see how much it would cost to change my return flight from December to November. I've also been a little worried about keeping the budget I set out for myself.

When calling my agent they advised me to check with the airline directly, because it would be cheaper. I tried calling 2 times, and had bad reception. I then started to wonder if that was God telling me not change my flight. So I called one last time, and told myself if the reception was bad and I couldn't get through or the cost was too much then that would be my sign not to, but the call went through crystal clear, and I found out it was free to change my flight the first time.

So as of now I will be going back to Hawaii November 19. I feel good about it. I'm still going to accomplish everything I wanted to on this trip. I'm still going to Bali in November, and seeing the Naga Fireballs festival in October in Thailand. I also will be able to have a little bit of a nicer budget, because I have a little bit of a buffer now. It's something I feel good about and am at peace with.

This trip is by far amazing, and a huge growing experience for me. I continue to find truths about myself, and strengths I didn't know I had. I believe through this I've been able to be at a place where I could really slow down, think about, and process how I handle life, and evaluate areas I want to be different, and find ways to strive for that difference. It's so easy to rush through life without giving thought to the negatives and positives of our personalities. It's been really eye opening to be able to take this time to learn about me.

permalink written by  Kirk on September 19, 2012 from Cebu City, Philippines
from the travel blog: Kirk's South East Asia Adventure
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