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Susanville to Carson City

Carson City, United States

Today was an easy day, or at least most of it. We stopped and took quite a few pictures and did some side drives. We couldn't sleep very late this morning because last night we had a bed that felt like sleep on the floor. And we had tiny little squishy pillows. But we made it, had breakfast free at the motel and then left about 7:20. It was a very nice room.

When we left Susanville we saw several deer, ducks, and geese but not nearly as many animals as yesterday. We decided to call the lady in Dads phone who tells us which way to go, Flo. So we're driving along and decide to stop and look at a lake. As we pulled into a parking place next to the fence to keep you from going down a cliff. As we parked, Flo said "continue straight ahead" lol That was her best mess up yet! The big flowers were in the middle of a traffic circle in Truckee, Calf.

We took a jont to see Donner Pass. Went into a museum and Honey and I posed with the wagon train people. :) It was very interesting. I didn't put all the pics up but I wanted them to be here. Dont forget to read about the Weather rock. lol

Then there are some pics of Donner lake and Dad on the summit at over 7000 feet. Very high! I did not like it. Gave me a headache, nausea, and dizzy. A pic of a guy climbing a rock, some snow at the level we were at, and Honey in the van.There is also a pic of at zig-zag fence. There were a lot of them in Northern California and I liked them so we took a picture. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful lake but it isn't Oregon! As we were driving along the north side we watched carefully for the Welcome to Nevada sign. There wasn't one so we stopped at a visitors place and Dad got a little map and pointed to the border, so that's our boarder sign for Nevada. :)

Now we are in Carson City. Tomorrow will be a llllooooonnnnnggggg drive through the desert. At least 8 hours. We wanted to do it quick. lol The we see Hoover Dam and then stay in Las Vegas. We're kind of tired but doing good. Last night I couldn't even make it through Superman. We went to bed at 9. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Love you!

permalink written by  40Years on May 20, 2013 from Carson City, United States
from the travel blog: Road Trip 40th
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