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Day 8- Song Cao to Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

Quick notes day 8
You might ask "What do you see along the road?" There are bicycles and motorbikes beside rice fields, people harvesting and planting, practicing aquaculture - harvesting clams, crabs, even lobsters.
Water buffulo of all sizes grazing by roadside or herded along the road helping out with the weed control Many women in the fields wearing lightweight two piece matching garb some plain and roughspun some with patterns or the basic black, kids & dogs playing together. People sitting having coffee in thatched patios,green hills, small fishing boats and canoes, smells of garlic sauteed, fishy sea odors, such beauty.

2 hours out of Song Cao it started raining so time for a coffee break. The coffee is served with a metal drip container over a drinking glass that has swee milk at the bottom. You also get a bowl of ice and a cup of tea. While the coffee drips (it take a couple of minutes) I drink the tea and empty the glass, then I carefully over the dripper over the tea cup so I can stir and drink my coffee and get the rest that drips more slowly into he empty cup to transfer when it is finally done. Add ice to the coffee glass after stirring the sweet milk and coffee mixture and you have basic Vietnamese coffee.
For lunch I bought a banana leaf wrapped something of deliciousness from a gas station I filled up at. I have seen these square banana leaf packages thayt people would buy at the open market so I figured it had something good to eat in it and man does it ever! I was only about 20 cents and th size of a hamburger or about 1/2 of a King Burrito for my Portland friends, and is made up of seasoned rice cloely compacted around what looked like spiced, cooked egg and a sweet and tasty piece of pork. Definitely their version of a burrito and very filling, oould not have eaten two! Great eats for really cheap.

Today was the longest riding day I will do over 360 k. I rode a two hour session, then a three hour session and then another 3 hours or a little more. I kept going when I saw I was only 60 k from Hoi An of Top Gear Vietnam Adventure fame. Rode the extra hour it was rough. Passed the off ramp 2x it looked like a goat path! and unmarked. Then wandered around on the bike looking for the Hoi An Beach Resort that the Top Gear guys stayed at for 45 min. Finally gave up.Found a hotel and soaked in tub. Saddlesore :(.
Tomorrow: Exploring the Old City of Hoi An

permalink written by  Mike_Veine on June 15, 2013 from Hoi An, Vietnam
from the travel blog: Top Gear Adventure 2- Vietnam Boogaloo!
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I love Hoi An

permalink written by  hoa tươi on June 15, 2013

I gotta find that gas station! I'm planning a trip to Vietnam for about a month and a half from now, lasting for about two weeks. I keep getting iffy info about communication though so i have a question: are you using a cell phone for communication and if so did you have to get it there? I'm trying to find a universal way of getting in touch with people because right after I'm going to Australia and i dont want to have to buy new stuff for that, telephone wise lol any advice?

permalink written by  Julian Ateyah on June 17, 2013

You might ask "What do you see along the road?" There are bicycles and motorbikes beside rice fields, people harvesting and planting, practiciing aquaculture - harvesting clams, crabs, even lobsters

permalink written by  nhancuoi on June 17, 2013

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