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More randomness...

Mendoza, Argentina

Some more random observations from South America:

- Salt - we will need a detox when we get home
- Men like to sing in the street in public and loudly
- You never need to order bread, it comes free with every meal (lots of it)
- Busses and Trucks are faster than cars, the bigger the bus, the faster it goes
- Gum trees everywhere
- Speed humps are sometimes in the middle of the highway for no apparent reason
- Argentinian highways have street lights
- Every bus we have been in has had a cracked windscreen
- Potato, you can never have enough ... apparently
- Argentinian steak thoroughly deserves its reputation as the best
- Asking for the bill - it will never, ever, come if you donĀ“t ask for it.
- Long lunches, a standard lunch lasts about 2 hours with a 1 hour rest afterwards.
- Smoking, everyone everywhere - is there such a thing as a non-smoking hotel room?
- Its perfectly normal to leave your home and go nightclubbing at 2am
- The sun rises at 9am in Mendoza (all of Argentina is on one timezone)
- At cafes in Mendoza people drop pens/torches/stickers/lollypops/lottery tickets on your table every 5 minutes trying to sell them to you - quite annoying.

permalink written by  Cath & Andy on May 14, 2007 from Mendoza, Argentina
from the travel blog: A journey to the alter and South America
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Hey Guys
I had to comment on the bread thing - you know why.
CB (roflol)

permalink written by  Chris on May 17, 2007

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