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The Princess' Birthday

Goondiwindi, Australia

Well the day has eventually come. We stayed overnight at an oval (actually a concrete cricket pitch, heaps of dust, toilets and lots of Horse manure) at a place called Weengallon on our way to Goondiwindi. We woke early and wore our 'brats' party hats for breakfast and sang happy birthday. Presents were opened in the Master bedroom with all four of us squashed in. She received a lovely card and money (she cant wait to spend it) from Grandpa Bryn and Granny Sue, three great books from Gran, a Teddy Bear, CD Player, Personalised CD from Glenn and Michelle and a Simpsons Comic and Sponge Bobs Square Pants First Season DVD from Riley. Quite spoilt I would say. We went to Goondiwindi McDonalds for lunch ( her request) and she wanted a proper McDonalds birthday party. I asked the manager and she kindly set us up with a Quasi McDonalds Party with party games, party hats and helium filled balloons. So again we were sitting around the McDonalds table in party hats. And it continues. It is currently 3.00pm and we are now going to organise the evening party which will be in the truck at some truck stop out of Goondiwindi and again we will don the party hats. There are photos and I hope to get them on the site soon. Happy Birthday Caitlin. I forgot to mention that on the way to Weengallon we passed the biggest snake that I have ever seen across the road, I would say five feet long and as thick as my arm- it certainly scared me and I was much more tentative when I wandered across to the toilet after that.

permalink written by  michelle62 on May 17, 2007 from Goondiwindi, Australia
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Happy Birthday to the Princess.

permalink written by  Jacinta Shanahan on May 17, 2007

Can't wait to see the photos. Love the haircut Riley but I guess by the time we see you it will be long again!
Michelle I was just telling the kids on the weekend, as we walked through the reptile enclosure at Healesville Santuary, that you are very scared of snakes and that you can't even go into the enclosures so I imagine you were very disturbed by your sighting.
Happy travelling xx

permalink written by  Janine on May 17, 2007

Happy birthday Caitlin, We've been thinking about you all day! Molly made a beautiful volcano cake covered in red and brown chocolate to celebrate. It was really yummy but your Maccas party sounded better!!!? Love Anna Pauly Sammy Emmy Mols Bethy and Daisy(woof Woof!)

permalink written by  annamorgan on May 18, 2007

Its incredible, I can finally remember what Riley looks like, his face is no longer covered in his mass of curls. He now has less hair than me which hasn't happened between us for a while.
Happy Birthday Caitlin, I wish I could have a Maccas party but I don't know that they still cater for 15yr olds.

permalink written by  Gabe Milward on May 18, 2007

Hi to all our mutual friends reading the blog, we will have to demand a Macca birthdqay party for every one including all of us.Hi Riley, you know I am checking for swear words can you please check the French entered by some smart person (they think).

permalink written by  nettie shanahan on May 18, 2007

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