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Adrenaline Capital (if open)

Queensbury, New Zealand

May 20
We were up and out of the camp, into Queenstown and headed straight for the AJ Hackett shop to book James' Thrillogy Bungy Jumps. This means 3 bungy jumps totalling 224m over 6 hours! I headed down the road to book tomorrows Canyon Swing for the both of us.
We waited around a bit for the bus to take us to the first stop "the Bridge". The original and birthplace for the bungy. The Kawarau Bridge is a 43m bungy above a river.

James was jumping at 12.45. He had a bit of a brush with the water and came out feeling rather shaky but good. We then had a 2 hour wait for the bus to take us to the next jump, so we watched a few more crazy people jump off a perfectly nice bridge and be picked up by the rubber dinghy below.
The bus picked us up and we headed for the Nevis, a mere 134m bungy that is suspended above a tiny river (well it looks tiny from the top). Both of us got geared up in harnesses and went across the wire in what looked like a big shopping trolley, to get to the bungy platform in the middle of a valley. At this point James had lost most of his tan he had accumulated thus far. He had to go first, and I watched from the see-through floor in the suspended platform/room.

We had to wait for all of the others to do their jumps before we got to leave. James now getting most of his colour back took some photos and bought the DVD of his jump.
The next stop was back in Queenstown and a short ride up the Gondola to the top of a cliff. The "Ledge jump" is a 47m Bungy in the dark, that overlooks the glinting town below, and at the side of the gondola. The Bungy is tied to the waist so you can take a running jump. I think this was the worst of all as you just couldn't see where you were jumping.

We went back down to the town, as James was famished after the full adrenaline day. We had been recommended the "fergburger" so had a go - lush!

May 21
An early start as we had to be at the shop for the Canyon Swing for 8.20am. We headed 10 mins out of town to a Canyon with a small wooden platform on.

We got harnessed up. I was second in the queue. Stood on the edge, leant back with great fear for the photo, waited for the wind to die down, ready....No not yet need to psyche myself up, yep ready, no wait for the wind to die, psyche myself up again, ready, nope we are going to close the swing as wind is up to 60knots and not allowed to swing above 25knots. Gutted!
I was shaking all the way back up to the van as all the adrenaline had to seep out of my veins without the rush of the swing. The swing was full up for the rest of the day so no way we could get to do it - deflated!
Went back to camp to cool down and think about what to do next.
After a bit of time on the internet and some pizza, we decided to move on as there is lots more to do in South Island and we are running out of time. So we set off on our 400km drive and arrived around 9.30pm, in the dark and parked in a random picnic spot.

permalink written by  James & Tracey on May 20, 2007 from Queensbury, New Zealand
from the travel blog: James & Tracey World Tour
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"a little brush with the water..." ?????

permalink written by  Iamthedaddy on May 22, 2007

yep, check out the vid

permalink written by  James & Tracey on May 23, 2007

Bummer about the swing, the vids look like alot of fun!

permalink written by  Jon on May 31, 2007

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