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Embarkation In London

London, United Kingdom

Today was such a good day! I woke up bright and early at 7.20am to look out the window, and we were just going through Canary Wharf, so I quickly rang Dad and they ran from their hotel to London Bridge. I was quickly rushing to have a shower and then get up on deck 9 as we went through Tower Bridge, but I didnt make it :(. But I looked out my window to see Mum,James and Suzy on the bridge, about 30 metres away from me! And they could all see me waving in the window, and then I quickly rang Dad,who was stood about 100 metres down the wall on the side of the river! I then finished getting ready and organised with Dad that they would come across to the boat on the tender at about 9.30. So they came across and I gave them a tour of the ship, which they were very impressed with!
We then all headed across to London. We got a taxi to Covent Garden for dinner, where I had a huge pizza, which was soooooo good to eat Normal food rather than the food in the mess! I then frantically ran round getting various things which I desperately needed, and then headed back to the ship!
We then had a safety drill, where we have to go to the Panarama Lounge and count 18 people through the back door to go to the lifeboat.
I then had socialising, whiich is quite easy! We just have to wander round and talk to old people for hours! Not hard for me!

permalink written by  nicolaedwards on May 30, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Silver Cloud
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Talk to old people eh? And it's pretty easy? Is this cos you've been surrounded by old people for years, like anyone over 50? Fifty? Old eh? Chatting must be easy though cos you've been surrounded by gorgeous, stimulating, vivacious aunts (thinking of one in particular!) who have taught you all you need to know! Lol Auntie Pat xxxxx Hope you realised that Londonderry is where Pops went to school - think Nana was going to tell you. Have great trip and can't wait to hear more!

permalink written by  Pat Hale on June 4, 2009

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