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49 hours in transit... and a new home

Canberra, Australia

Well, we have made it home to good old wintery Canberra, but not without some unexpected travel adventures.

We arrived at the airport at 7:30pm Thursday night only to be told that our flight home had been cancelled. Lan Chile were actually pretty good about it and organised for us to stay at the Crowne Plaza for the night, with an anticipated flight out the next morning at 11am. It was really interesting to see just HOW BAD people are when unexpected things happen, people were so rude and demanding to staff, others were crying, some japanese fellow was snorting & spitting and others just generally carried on like pork chops - many I think wanting upgrades, but how can you upgrade an entire full plane?? Really is their any point in complaining? They said the plane was 'broken', there was no way we were wanting to get on a broken plane!

Cath was pretty sick with a head cold by this time & just sat on the floor in the airport, not really fussed by what was going on around us as we waited for our hotel and transport vouchers. By the time we got back to the city & to the free dinner it was midnight, and all we really needed was a bed.

Our 11am flight was delayed by an hour (because the transport company didn't get everyone back to the airport on time), and finally we were on our way. The flight for Cath was a nightmare as she had really bad sinus congestion and her ears screamed and squealed and her head felt like it was going to explode for the whoe 15 hour flight, Andy was lucky enough to get some sleep.

We couldn't get a connection to Sydney, so we had to spend a night in Auckland (once again on the airlines budget) and had to get back to the airport at 4am. Whilst we were in Auckland for almost 12 hours we didn't get to see anything as it was dark by the time we got out of the airport and unfortunately Cath was too sick to go sighseeing - we struggled through another free meal with Cath almost falling asleep at the table.

Eventually we did make it home with 2 more agonising flights for Cath and only just making our connection to Canberra with 10 mins to spare.

Much to our delight, Cath's parents had moved almost all our belongings from the old flat into our new apartment before we got home, meaning that we could spend our first night in our own place. We were outstounded at how much space we have, and cupboards and more than one room (I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon), very exciting! Now for the fun of decorating and actually buying some furniture...

Anyway, we will update again soon with some statistics from the trip - until then ciao ciao

permalink written by  Cath & Andy on May 29, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
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