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Three Bums in the Park

Rosario, Argentina

I'm in Rosario, the birthplace of El Che. I went for a walk today and saw the house he was born in. Pretty historic looking. Makes me realize that our historic buildings look very temporary since they're all of wood.

After the house I went to the park along the river, which is kinda different from Edmonton cause Rio Paradarara.... (aka. I can't remember it's real name) is much much much wider and there's no city on the other side. It kinda makes you feel like you're at the end of the world, but can see a completely different one over yonder. heh heh, I should use "over yonder" more often.

Once I snapped a few pics (which I've been fairly lazy about lately - maybe a lack of inspiration, I dunno), I followed the park looking for the monument of the flag - a giant obalisk. Argentina's flag was invented in Rosario. Remember that a U of A grad invented the Canadian flag? I do.

Along the park I saw some dude reading a paper by a banged up guitar, so I mustered up the balls to ask him if I could snap a picture of him. Normally I walk past wishing I woulda asked the dude for a picture, but something about this guy seemed inviting. He was actually fairly cool about it, too. His name's Marcelo and first off he played me a song while I snapped some photos and then we started chatting. He tells me he plays guitar on the city buses at night for a living. Despite being a borderline bum and occasionally sleeping on the streets, he seems fairly well educated. Later he told me he is an avid reader, which may be the key. Either way, his wife is a nurse, so I'm assuming most of their income is derived from her side.

We chatted about life, love, street life, politics and religion before his buddy showed up, who is a real homeless guy. He said the world is his home. I told him he's got a beautiful home. I'm pretty sure the second guy was drunk cause he slurred a lot of his words and staggared when he walked. He also brought with him a cheap bottle of wine and kissed Marcelo a lot while telling him how good of a guy he is. heh heh, text book case if you ask me. Anywho, the three of us enjoyed each others company for another hour or so in the park over a bottle of wine. These types of moments remind me why I'm here.

Tonight I'm heading out to a salsa night at rock pub with three French guys who all love to sing in the shower.

permalink written by  ryanmyers on July 8, 2009 from Rosario, Argentina
from the travel blog: Ryan's First Sabbatical
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