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Ferry into Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Chris and I have just been discussing how nice Stockholm is with its river, old town, church etc, but how astronomically expensive it is! We arrived bright and early and jumped off the ferry, rather should I say ship, and onto a bus that took us into the city center where we went straight to the train station in hope that we could get the passes we so desperately wanted to take us to Munich for our meeting with Kora tomorrow.

Sadly, and rather annoyingly, the train that we wanted was all booked out, not one space was left available meaning that we had to change our plans of how to get to Munich entirely. We are now waiting for our over night train to take us to Copenhagen, then swap train onto Hamburg then onto another that will take us to Munich. It’s a solid 24 hours of train travel ahead of us, which to be honest will completely wipe us, but at least we’ll get to our destination in time to meet our friend.

We spent the day looking about the city of Stockholm and while it is beautiful with its architecture, the people, the shops, the river etc, it has to be said that it looked much like all the other cities we’ve visited. I think we’re both at the stage now where despite the cities we visit being gorgeous, they all boast similar looking buildings, statues etc and we’re becoming a little blaze about it all. Sad to say! I wish we could get back that wonderment and that awe we once had when entering a city and begin to treat it (the city and the people) with the respect they deserve.

Anyhow, we’ve been waiting at the station now for 2 hours and only have another 2 to go. It sounds very sad I know, we should be out there maximizing our time in this city, but we’re both quite tired and to be really honest, we’re both suffering from injuries to our legs that make it a little painful to walk. I have a nasty case of heat rash and poor old Chris, his heels have begun to split open with all the walking and wearing of thongs, so at the moment walking is a tad painful for the both of us and we welcome sitting and relaxing, though, that said, another 2 hours of this (waiting) will slowly turn us insane I believe! A stroll outdoors is in order I believe!

permalink written by  Chris and Emily on July 6, 2009 from Stockholm, Sweden
from the travel blog: Europe 2009
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