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Living the high life in Beograd

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

After the amazing hospitality of Helena, the day of chilling in her top floor apartment, eating lobster and being looked after so well, we were pretty sure things couldnt get much better! We were in eastern Europe and life is good! After Helena finding out exactly what time the trains and busses left for Belgrade, we eventually chose to catch the night train. The train was excellent, nothing like the Nubian express of Sudan!! We had a full compartment, so could lounge on the old skool green chairs and doze off between passport checks and ticket inspections. It felt like the conductors waited for someone to switch theor compartment light off, wait 15 min and then fling the door open, turn the light back on and demand either a ticket or passport, whichever seemed more inconvenient for us to get at the time. But even though this went on all night, we did get some decent sleep, so wehn the train rolled into Belgrade at 6 in the morning we were full of energy. Changed some cash, got a map, found the address and started the hike through yet another new city.

We found the address without any problems, it was a pleasent walk, and were stunned by all the serbians!! The rumours and legends are true! wow!

Just to fill everyone in... Kierans parents moved to Serbia a little while back and currently live in an insane apartment in the city center. You may be asking yourself... what does that have to do with anything?? well.... kieran told his parents we were passing through Belgrade on our Balkan Adventure and they very kindly invited us to stay with them for a few days. So Mattie and I, without any hesitation accepted the very hospitable and generous offer! And are we glad we did! Anne, Phillip and Caroline... thank you once again! mattie and I had a stupendous time!!

Staying in Belgrade was better than we could have imagined! We havent eaten that much, and insanely good, food for about 3 months! So our stomachs didnt know what hit them, we were so hapy :) ! That was part one, we ate so much glorious food! Then secondly, Caroline did everything she could think of to show us the city.! This meant we got taken all over the place during the day, shopping, strolling and cafe hopping! Which is generally what everyone in the city seems to do. Then after dinner we would meet up with Mark, (a party beast who knows every single hotspot in Belgrad) and head out to. Life was good! The first night was pretty relaxed, we had a few beers in a quant little bar with carolines posse, which suited both Mattie and I perfectly, as we had eaten so much lamb that we could hardly walk haha.

We did the tourist thing on day two, with caroline gladly joining, Belgrade has a very cool feel about it. There is a large communist influence, but the center seems to never rest. There are people everywhere, all the time, just wandering the steets and going about their thing. A very young, trendy and happening feel! I could however understand Anne and carolines frustration about the language barrier! haha, all the signs are in cyrillic, a lot of people only speak serbian, making a lot things slightly more difficult than they need to be.

After yet another astonishing dinner, we headed out to Silicon valley, where Mafia meets and girls are pretty, where we were welcomed by a Baileys promotion, and met some enlish speaking guys... one of which is going out with a girl that mattie went to school with, and lived a few houses away from! I forget the name, but wow, what are the chances haha.

The night progressed steadily, and eventually moved over to a club called Amsterdam. A definite party! The pic will give a better idea i guess...

On the second last day mattie and I showed of our skills and spent some time in the kitchen! Sushi!

We even visited the zoo! Where we saw a someone that reminded us of the old days....

we miss you jared

Anyway, haha, I seem to be waffling a bit... so In short, Belgrade is awesome!

here are some pics...

Good Writing
permalink written by  BalkanAdventure on June 4, 2007 from Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
from the travel blog: The Fantastic Far Flung Eastern European Adventure
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It's so funny seeing my parents and sis on your blog, I'm glad you guys liked the place, the people are on another level! I'll never make sushi at home again, those were fashion sandwiches and super rolls... Matt's beginning to look like Jim Morrison

permalink written by  Kieran on June 9, 2007

hey dudes

looks freaking great. why is the fountain so infamous?
cheers guys, keep well

permalink written by  Matt Wainwright on June 10, 2007

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