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Athens, Greece

Oh boy do I have so many things I could say, I'll keep it to the really good stuff. First off Greece was awesome and im so proud of myself for going alone, until the last 4 days that is. I started in Rhodes which was really nice there was an old village small streets close houses lots of little shops, I would let my self get a little lost in there everyday, then there was new town which was on the outside of the wall that surrounded old town. More modern streets lots of food shops and clothing shops. THen there was real Rhodos which is where i stayed outside of new town with this guy george. He was super nice offered to show me around but i just prefered to get lost. Had some good greek cuisine there lots of baklava some gelato and of course some gyros souvlaki and some good cheap crepes. After that island I headed for santorini. And I heard that the sunsets were amazing but really how good/better can they be from the states? Oh so much better maybe its cuz you way above the water and feel like your floating or its just the endorphines pumping through you after trecking around exploring all day. Either way both the nights I was there for sunset I treated myself to a nice little spot with a great view and got a little snack. One place was a pool bar at the most north end call Oia, I just had a brownie there, the second night i actually had made friends with one of the guys so he reserved me a table in Fira on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water and volcano. I had pasta and some wine there, probably my favorite spot. And of course some of the perks of traveling alone the guys give you an extra drink or two. So I had another glass of wine with sunset. One day I rented an ATV and drove around the whole island, all the way to the most south by the light house and all the way to the most north, Oia, east and west. I also found smaller quieter beaches which was awesome I found this one with this small lil restaurant on the water so I decided to stop and have a bite it was so nice there very peaceful and yes here I got a free frappe. haha
After Santorini I got the ferry to Paros which was very touristy didn't like it that much until we rented a scooter and went to Nauossa, small fisher village less tourists very cute. Oh so this is where i was supposed to meet up with boo the only problem was neither of us had phones we just knew the day we were arriving and a possible place to be staying. Impossible others thought, but boo and I knew we would find eachother and sure enough one night I hear LOOMIS! And it was boo we were so excited to see eachother with so many stories we forgot to check her in. We walked around paros a lil but mainly swam then headed for athens. We stayed with Giorgos who was super nice and took us to see the temple of posidon which is an hour away from the center. He also took us to the main square where we could walk around the shops. We had so much fun with him boo and i both connected with him relaly easy it was like he was one of our close friends already. Found out he is the basketball manager for the womens team in greece, he told us he would try to help us get picked up in austrailia if we wanted!! Great connection to have made, over all great guy. Finally I returned home to Sweden where surprise suprise its raining haha. So hopefully tomorrow work begins! Ah but what a great trip :) I will post some pics later

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permalink written by  katieandboo on July 19, 2009 from Athens, Greece
from the travel blog: sweden adventures
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