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Ice cream and rum for breakfast

Contern, Luxembourg

Ahhhh, another long sleep in! The joy and bliss of it all! This is what holidays are about! Apart from a few early morning bladder wake up calls we slept soundly until 12.30pm, it was great! We then got up, had lazy showers and had breakfast. This was not your run of the mill breakfast consisting of weetbixs and a luke warm coffee, no, this was quite a spread consisting of ham, 2 different types of salami, 2 different sorts of bread, gherkins, pate, boiled eggs, yoghurt, 4 different types of cheese, stuffed capsicums, fresh pineapple and then later… dessert! I was delighted to find that our dessert was going to be ice cream and fruit, very yummy and such a treat being it was breakfast and all, I was quite chuffed at the idea and thought “why can’t we eat ice cream for breakfast ALL the time?!” Out came the ice cream, out came the fruit, I had my spoon at the ready, beaming a happy smile across the table, and then…OH MY GOD! It took all my might to swallow this dessert and not spit it out as my first reaction was urging me. The ice cream was great, the fruit… blah!!! It was fruit stewed in a traditional Germany way, which means it is left in a huge pot of rum for months and months and months and it was incredibly strong, so strong infact I’m surprised I didn’t just burn my taste buds right off. Our hosts had been so excited in introducing this repulsive concoction though that it would have been rude to exclaim “OH MY GOD THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!” (Instead my brain screamed this!) I ate all the fruit quickly so that I could be left with the good part... the ice cream, and thought I had done quite well, proudly setting my bowl aside before Horst looked at me with an expression that read “what are you doing?!” and he said in a very authoritative voice “you MUST finish all your rum!” to which I jumped to attention very quickly and said “of course! I had not yet finished!” All the while my head screaming “NOOOOO!” but, I finished it, as did Chris and I could tell by the look on his face he was just as repulsed by this ‘dessert’ Still, we can’t be rude to our very gracious host!

Feeling quite sleepy and just a tad bit tipsy now (I’m kidding, we weren’t really, we were rolling drunk…) we thought we’d better take the rest of the day easy, particularly as we figure we will have a rerun of last nights drinking session tonight and for this reason we all opted to laze about the house, Chris assisting Horst with his computer problems, me catching up with all the blogging, Heidi rearranging the house.. It was a nice way to spend the day, and it was much cooler in the house than outdoors, so that was another good reason to stay indoors!

permalink written by  Chris and Emily on July 15, 2009 from Contern, Luxembourg
from the travel blog: Europe 2009
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