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Curing the sick and givin em" a taste of S.D.

Medellin, Colombia

Two of the girls in the apartment had been sick for quite afew number of days. Now that I think of it 5 days to be exact. They were not seriously sick, only moderately with a slight cough that didnt seem to go away nor get any worse. I felt obligated to give them some remedies to kick that gosh darn ole" cough. It wasnt that I felt that they couldnt do it themselves, but whatever they were doing sure as heck wasn"t curing the hacking beast that lurked inside them.
I was out the door, money in my pocket, 25 dollar cellphone I had purchased, travel wallet, with a metallic chain leash drooping off of it and climbing to a ring on a front pocket belt loop, and money inside the wallet to get these girls some lemons for the tea I would soon make them. In additon, this would be a guacamole mission. My hosts had asked me what the food was like in San Diego. I said that we truly had some dynamic, multi=cultured, eateries in our corner of California. Most of all though, San Diego had something called Mexican food. I have also often heard that the so=called Mexican Food in San Diego was better than the Mexican food in Mexico. I"ve never been to the heart of Mexico though and tasted the difference. So, I suppose, its just a rumor for now. Anyway, I spit out the magic word, "guacamole". They had had guacamole before, but their guacamole was a more liquid filled, salsa=like substance. Ours was a chunky, gree, ripe=filled mess of flavory thickness. They had to try it. That was thats.

Getting off of the Metro, I pushed my way through the crowd of Colombians who"s laid=back life=style reflected the way that they walked. WAit I thought, am I just some panic=sticken American, in a rush for no major reason. After all, since I had been in Colombia, I hadnt seen any road rage. Or are do these COlombians need a swift kick of humanitarian love to speed up their pace.
I went to this place called The EXito. Its a giant yellow building that more=so looks like a giant cab, rather than an actual building. They have the basics: rice, potatoes, meat, fruit, and vegetables. An aisle with chips and snacks exist, but the is only one aisle and its about 25 feet long. This is contrasted with say, 2 aisles at your local Vons, with assorted snacks on both. Both aisles are also about 50 feet long. And Medellin there are 2.5 million people......
I left the Exito and made it home with two avocadoes, both looking like they were both injected with steroids. Along with these bad boys, I had 3 tomatoes, 1 onion, some garlic, garlic flavored salsa, and two limes to give it some zest. I also, got 3 lemons for the girls. I rushed home through the evening dusk and made it home 20 minutes before they all had to leave again. I boiled som ewater, added some huney which they already had, dropped on etea bag, and steamed it all off with the boiling water...... I gave the tea to the girls, they looked amazed, like to witch docter had brewed these. With in a couple mintutes of having finished my tea concontion their coughs were silenced. YES....
I then dug the green, rich goop out of the avacados, which yeiled about 14 ounces of love. I then cup up the onions, tomatoes, skiped the garlic becasue one of the girls wasnt a fan. The girls fryed up some of what they called platanos verdes. I hated bannanas though, yet they claimed these were similar to bannanas, but they were vegetables. They were kind of like the banannas cousin, only less mushy and pastey. They would sllice up the platano verde into disks. they then would flatted the disks to the size of a thin pancake. they would slap these on the frying pan and within minutes you had fryed platanos verdes with a chunkified aromatic spread of Guacamole. It wasthe perfect harmony of cross=culturalizing tastey foods. They absolutely loved the guacamole. A simple snack was turned into dinner. The girls coughs were gone, everyone was content, and they had tasted some San Diego love.

permalink written by  kipmaddog on August 5, 2009 from Medellin, Colombia
from the travel blog: adventures from down south
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