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The Togean Islands

Gorontalo, Indonesia


In our time on the road, Katie and I have developed a theory about adventure traveling. It's that the more difficult a place is to get to, the nicer it is and the greater the reward. Our theory continues to hold true as we just came back from Kandidiri, in the Togean Islands just off the coast of Sulawesi.

This was a destination that we had been looking forward to with great anticipation. The same can not be said for the journey. To get there via Gorantalo, we took a cramped wooden ferry filled to well above capacity for about 17 hours. Our seat was especially hot, due to the fact that we were sitting right next to the motor, which put off heat approximately the temperature of Satan's bathwater. Although we were given mats to lay on for the all night journey, there was no sleeping in this oven. One cool thing about the trip was that a curious dolphin started swimming near the boat, and as we looked out the window, it took a great leap completely out of water. Enough of that, we got there. finally we got there!

And as bad as the journey might have seemed at the time, we realized in an instant that it was all worth it when we took our first step off of the boat. Actually it was even before that. As our Island was the last stop on the boat's route through to Ampana, we we're amazed as soon as we entered the vicinity of the Togeans. the sea around us turned from a dark impenetrable blue, to a crystal clear greenish shade that revealed every detail of the bottom more than 20 feet down in places.

Our final destination was the island of Kandidiri. Imagine, if you will, water so clear that in pictures it creates the illusion that there is no water.

And pictures never do enough to describe the truly beautiful things on this earth. Our temporary island home, like every island in the Togeans, was surrounded by brilliant coral, teeming with brightly colored tropical fish.

This brings me to an addiction I've developed while on this trip. Yes, I admit I have a problem. I am completely addicted to snorkeling. I'm sure that my eventual return to Texas will result in withdrawal symptoms to rival all others. If you come to my house and ever find me in the bathtub with a snorkel sticking out and legs kicking, please just give me five more minutes.

Moving on, the snorkeling was amazing here. The diving outfit operated by the people who owned our bungalow allowed snorkelers to tag along for free. So, we took a trip with them to a neighboring island with the most incredible coral reefs. We also snorkeled everyday off the shore of our island

Apart from our time exploring the clear waters, Kandidiri was a perfectly relaxing place to do a little reading, thinking, good eating, and planning our next move in this incredible journey.

permalink written by  katieandmichael on August 26, 2009 from Gorontalo, Indonesia
from the travel blog: Katie and Michael's Travel Blog
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oh man, now I'm jealous for sure. I LOVE snorkeling and i haven't found anywhere remotely close to here that is gorgeous. i love the pictures!

permalink written by  Angie Merriman on August 31, 2009

I am loving getting caught up on your blog, you two truly inspire me to just learn to bite the bullet and make it past those hellacious travel days to untouched paradise!

love the pictures and share your love of snorkeling, absolutely love it, in fact I don't swim anymore, I always take my snorkel and mask out there with me!

permalink written by  Chalain Brazzell on October 27, 2009

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