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end of london, beginning of spain

Granada, Spain

so the rest of london was amazing. liz and i decided to take our own tour (aka we slept in and missed the planned one) we went to westminster and Covent Garden. both places were spectacular. we saw big ben and parliment which were super cool. we also saw london bridge (is falling down :p) and tower bridge which was beautiful!

the night before we went to picadilly circus for dinner (thanks becky!!) it was a very cool neighborhood. i decided i wish the cities had the tube. SO EASY SO FAST. i loved it.

we got to granada yesterday. we were up at 3am to catch the flight and didnt go to bed til midnight. its been a long couple of days. granada is beautiful. most of the sidewalks are made of marble. i do live with liz, thank god! we share a decent sized room with two twin beds and a giant armour thing. we have to make our beds every morning. haha not my thing, but its alright.

the food so far as been pretty good. i havent been very hungry probably because on top of being in a very different place and culture, i´m sick! yuck. but our host mom refuses to stop feeding us. its just liz and i at the table, she doesnt sit down and eat with us. for every meal so far she has cut up a whole loaf of bread. lets be realistic here. and that is just one of our about five sides. she gave us like a half a pack of deli ham and cheese and this weird apple stuff to put on top of it. and the main course was a potato egg pancake looking thing. here it´s called a tortilla, its kind of like an omelette. it was good, but i cant eat so much. we say we cant eat anymore but she keeps bringing food. i guess its considered rude to spaniards if the host doesnt continue offering food until we get up from the table.

i miss everyone SO much more than i thought i would, and i knew i would a lot. :(

permalink written by  Taryn Hawkins on September 1, 2009 from Granada, Spain
from the travel blog: Granada
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yum! I would never get up from that table. I would just sit there and eat until I fell asleep in my food. haha! I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you start feeling better soon. --Teresa

permalink written by  Teresa Haselmann on September 2, 2009

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