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The bus ride is sometimes as exciting as the destination

Champasak, Laos


From pakse our next move was south, to the small town of Champasek, to see ancient ruins of a temple from the Anchor era. So, as we were heading out of town to the bus station, we saw our bus had already left, and flagged it down as it was going past.

It was the beggining of the rainy season, and a few downpours had already taken thier toll on the unfinished road, that amounted to a wide dirt trail cut between the two small laotion towns. The old bus filled with people, rice, chickens and us was having a hard time with the road and slipped and slid, detoured off of the road and finally met its match with this muddy stretch of road.

We were pulled out in no time by some road construction workers who looked as if the spend as much time pulling people out of the mud as they do finishing the road.

After we reached Champasek, we knew that our time there was limited and went straight to the temple ruins after setting our bags down at the guesthouse.

The old temple was in a wonderfull setting, on top of a big hill and with a rock cliff behind it. From the top of the hill, you could see the lush green land stretching for forever.

The ruins were interesting and it was a peacefull place to walk around.

Also, we ran into our friend Steffan randomly for the fourth time, I think. We only stayed the night in town and pressed forward the next day. Next stop, the 4000 islands.

permalink written by  katieandmichael on May 22, 2009 from Champasak, Laos
from the travel blog: Katie and Michael's Travel Blog
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beautiful pictures

permalink written by  Angie Merriman on September 4, 2009

very interesting... :) I liked the Story.

permalink written by  Martin on September 5, 2009

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