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maiillll tiiiiime!

Granada, Spain

helllloooo hellloooo

so even though I have my best friend here, I still get lonely. Actually, we both do. For the past few nights we have been pushing out beds together to make one big bed so there isn't two and a half feet between our beds. So! If anyone wants to send me mail, and it's a decent price to send mail from the U.S. to Spain ( i have no idea how much it would cost) then here is the address you can mail it to :)

Taryn Hawkins
Plaza del Campillo, 2
Edificio Maciá, 3^E
18009 Granada-Spain

  • **replace the ^ with a little circle degrees sign :) (that's the 'rd' here)

  • other than that we went to the Alhambra which was beautiful, I'll try to put some pictures up, and tomorrow we are going to an Arabic tea ceremony.
    Also! If anyone wants to visit...cough uncles danny and mike and maybe ronny cough.....or anyone else. I would love visitors..... :)
    just let me know asap so i can make sure i don't plan individual travel during that time. I have Fridays off of class too :D
    hasta luego (in granada, hathta luego)

    permalink written by  Taryn Hawkins on September 7, 2009 from Granada, Spain
    from the travel blog: Granada
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    I wanted to send you some food, but it's $30 to send a package. Bummer. Only about $1.29 to send a letter though, but they couldn't tell me when you would get it. I'll just email you instead! :)

    permalink written by  Teresa Haselmann on September 15, 2009

    I've always wanted to see the Alhambra. Did they tell you all about how much Spanish culture was influenced by the Arabs? Did you know a lot of Spanish words came originally from Arabic? They're easy to pick out. Many start with "al" like almohada (pillow, like your Arabic tea pillows), almacén (shop), alacrán (guess? hint: you don't want to run into one of these) and the region you're in right now, Andalucía used to be called Al-Anadalus. Did i tell you i'm so jealous!

    permalink written by  Uncle Danny on September 21, 2009

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