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The Carnac stones

Carnac, France

After a quick breakfast we had to bid Inga farewell for the last time on this trip. We don’t like saying goodbye but we’re now becoming better at them as we’ve had to say it quite often over these past few weeks. Inga has been the perfect hostess and we will always be so grateful to her for allowing us to come and stay with her during her holidays and get to see another side to the French life. We will keep in touch with Inga and hope to see her again sometime soon, til then there is always email!

The drive to Carnac was suppost to be a 3 hour one, which is just the right amount of time really for a ‘short trip’ but, to our despair it took a few hours longer than that thanks to a large traffic jam. This was was not fun. We sat in the line of traffic for hours, in the sun and worst of all, needing to go to the loo really really badly!! Poor Max, the pressure was on with us all whining “Maaaax! It’s getting desperate now!!” but he rallied like a true hero and found us a detour and then a Maccas where we were able to relief our poor bladders. I think the French should be more equipped for these moments and have portaloos every km or so on the highways, it would make sense and put an end to embarrassing deaths such as “burst bladder” What really annoyed us was the fact that the ‘accident’ we had to jostle to pass was nothing more than a little rear ender, no huge damage and no one hurt, but still, everyone passing felt they had to slow riiiiiiiight down and have a good look, hence causing the long delay. Oh well. It’s over now!

We eventually made it to Carnac and it has to be said that this is a lovely, relaxed little town. It just has this lovely feel to it and we all felt ourselves relaxing the moment we got out of the car. We stopped by the information desk and picked up some ideas for accommodation and then went on a walk to find this one B&B. It was a 15 minute walk (the very nice but drunk French man we had been bailed up by told us that it was a 5 minute walk… he was lying) and took us down to the sea side, it was lovely! The B&B had room for us all and we couldn’t help but marvel at the rooms… they were… wow, quite bad! The rooms were themed by colours, which isn’t so bad really, but the orange room that Luke and Max had the joy of staying in was insanely orange and the pink room Chris and I had the pleasure of sleeping in was also pretty, well, pink. So much so that these rooms kind of hurt your eyes after awhile, so it’s a good thing that you’re only in the room really to sleep.

Chris and Max took off to check out the Carnac rocks and Luke and I took off to discover the rest of the beach side town. There were many many tourists here but it didn’t have that over whelming feel to it, it just felt really relaxed and chilled out, it was nice.

The boys eventually returned from there rock site seeing and we then head out to grab a bite to eat at a little restaurant down the road topped it off with a crepe for dessert and then hit the amusement arcade for a bit of stress relief. The boys had quite a large gathering around them as they played some zombie killing game and again as Luke played a boxing game, and roused a cheer from the audience as he knocked out his opponent with one second remaining, it was quite an ordeal! Just as we were leaving the boys all turned, a game had caught there eye… it was robot soccer. So, they all had to have a turn and I have to say it did look like fun and again they drew quite a crowd of onlookers. To bad we weren’t charging people to watch, we’d have made a few extra bucks. After all this amusement we head back to the B&B where we watched a few episodes of the IT Crowd, an English show we’re all in love with and think is hilarious before going to bed and shutting our eyes very very tight to escape the glare of colour!

permalink written by  Chris and Emily on August 29, 2009 from Carnac, France
from the travel blog: Europe 2009
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