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Playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We came to Playa del Carmen at about 7 in the afternoon/night and as usual we started with looking for a hostel or guesthouse to stay at, and we found a really nice one close to the beach where we could sleep in a shared dormitory for the night and the hostel also offered a free bar that same night.

That night we started with sitting at the hostel for a couple of hours sharing some vodka and sprite and meeting people living at the hostel.
We ended up going out that night and by accident I dropped my camera in the floor and it broke so now the pictures are really not that good. I think that the lens has been banged up a little bit. It wasn’t the big camera, but unfortunately the little one is the one with the underwater housing.

The next morning at about 7 steffi woke me up saying “come with me out on the balcony” and since we only got back from the club 2 hours earlier my response was “what? No? Why? Come sleep here instead.” But she insisted so as I came out on the balcony she told me that just a couple of minutes ago some guy had come into the room while we were sleeping and laid down in her bed saying “is it o.k. if I sleep here?” and she replied “No, go sleep in your own bed.” So he said “no, no problem, it’s ok I sleep here.” Steffi tried to kick him out of bed and the guy replied “It’s cold, I want to sleep here”. Steffi said that he must go to his own bed when he says “this is my bed” and pointing at steffis. Finally he went to sleep in the bed next to hers. This was when she woke me up and then we got the manager who kicked the guy out from the hostel.
The next day we changed rooms to a private and then we spent the rest doing not much at all, swimming on the beach and just relaxing.
The day after we had planned to leave but then a guy from Argentina who we had met the first night at the hostel, offered to show us to a reef where we could do some snorkeling we ended up swimming for almost 3km which was really cool also got to see some fishes that where better than just snorkeling at the beach.
Since this was the first day we really spent on the beach and because sunblock is for the gays i ended up with a bad sun burn on my back and steffi also got burnt even tho she was wearing sunblock, so now she as a clown ass. =)
Next day we took the bus down to Tulum!
bye bye Chris

permalink written by  Steffi & Chris on September 18, 2009 from Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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Vilken hobo som ville värma sig:) Ni båda verkar dock ta allt rulle och lösa det som en sann amigo eller amigolita;)! Så stay tru till era latino rötter så fortsätter äventyret säkert på bästa möjliga sätt:)!!!

permalink written by  Brulle on September 28, 2009


permalink written by  jordanenjoyqq on July 16, 2010

yeah good, glad you got sunburnt, wish you had frazzled on that beach, with your views that sunblock is for gays. You know, the outspoken people, like you are usually he ones closeting it in all the time anyway.

permalink written by  harry clatten on September 20, 2010

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