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San Ignacio, Belize

Benque Ceiba, Belize

A country neither of us had heard anything of so of course we had to go here. We left sunny Mexico and arrived in sweet Belize.

We got on a local bus and it felt like we were in a movie the few hours while we sat there, packed like tuna in a can, jumping up and down on the seats over the pebbly roads next to Belizeans and their squeaking chickens. The bus stopped every 100 m to pick up someone and then just 50 m later drop off someone else.

Apparently it was Independence Day this day so a few hours after we had arrived in San Ignacio we watched the carnival with happy Rastafarians, semi-wild horses and more. Some woman got so excited of the base in the music she started humping a car.

We were planning to stay in Belize for two days but ended up staying here for five. In other words, it was good. Real good.

We couch surfed at Markus (aka Dr Feelawesome) place the whole time right outside San Ignacio in the middle of the jungle. The place is called Parrots Nest in Bullet Tree Falls. Sounds like a treasure map destination.

These five days in Belize we have done some river tubing, canoeing, become friends with a spider monkey (Mango) who just loved to hug, relaxed in the hammocks, listened to E-type (Markus is a big fan), watched millions of fireflies from Dr Feelawesome’s porch while drinking papaya and also banana wine (It’s stronger than ordinary wine. It’s Yummie). We have also tried a huge fruit called Jack fruit when we went to Barton Creek one day. It smells like bubblegum. One of the coolest things we did was the excursion to Actun Tunichil Muknal, which is a cave where the Mayans had their ceremonies. The stone formations inside the cave were stunning and we had to swim inside to get to the skeletons and the pottery. I hope that we will see a lot more caves on our trip.

It was a bit sad to leave Belize. I will definitely come back one day.

Over and out.

PS: If you wonder about Markus nickname Dr Feelawesome, it comes from when he and some friends came up with a game called the Beautiful Life Game which kept going for several years where they challenged each other on doing things that enriched their lives like for example concerts, rollercoasting, travelling etc. Markus thought of Mötley Crues song Dr Feelgood and just made it better. Dr Feelawesome.

permalink written by  Steffi & Chris on September 27, 2009 from Benque Ceiba, Belize
from the travel blog: 212 days
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Wow ! This place sounds so cool, and the pictures are great ! I have read further on this place on http://travelforumglobe.com and I think I would travel there on my next vacation.The info they gave there about this place, really inspired me to travel there.

permalink written by  alicet homson on October 4, 2009

verkar vara ett riktigt guldställe ni har hittat!
Visst var det schysst med tubing, och grottorna verkade ju riktigt läckert!
Hur har det funkat hittils för er? Allt smidigt? Var blir det jul och nyår för er? Vi siktar på Filipinerna eller Japan, vore coolt emd nyår i Tokyo =)
Ha det guld!

permalink written by  Jonte on October 5, 2009

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