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A lot of fun in Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

WOW! What a wonderful time I have spent in Playa del Carmen. I will never forget it. I came here sunday 11th of october, and have had so much fun with many of the gang I got to know in Mexico city.

After to nights on Isla Mujeres Frode and I went back with the ferry along with two norwegian boys who lives and study in Playa del Carmen. We took the bus with them, from Cancun to Playa. Here we checked in at Urban hostel, wich was horrible. It was full of cockroaches, and mosquitos, and it was dirty, really dirty! And those who worked there were totally drunk when we arrived..hehe, I had to laugh about it. But in the end, grouse! That night we met Antonio, wich is one of te guys we got to know in Mexico city. e was there on a vacation, but lives here in Playa, so he invited us to take contact with him when we got there, and he would show us around. So the first night he took us out for a beer, and to check out the beach and the life. On our way back to the dreadful hostel we met Thomas, who was really drunk together with some english guys. But it was very nice seeing him again - after all he was my first friend in Mexico so I felt quite attached to him. On friday he will leave to go in his friends wedding on saturday, here in Mexico. But back to the point, he lived in another hostel, not far from ours, wich was clean and nice. Not much more expensive either. So the day after we moved to Youth hostel Playa. It`s a super hostel, clean, with a big kitchen and lot of room in the fridges, so we could by and cook our own food. Good music, a lot of hammocks, sofas, dvd, games, nice people :) And the icing on the cake; it was now Antonio, Frode, Thomas and me from the old gang; but suddenly Megan and Allison came, the Page sisters!! And we got to know a lot of other nice people. And Antonio took us places we could only dream about, thank you so much for that my friend!!! We even got to come along on his job to hold and swim with sharks!! That was amazing.

On saturday the 17 th I hurt my foot falling on the top of a stair, unfortunately, but htat is my luck I`m afraid. And I was suppose to move on, take a 12 hour busride to Palenque, but I woke up on tuesdat with a fever and sore throat. So I spoke with Enrico, an Italian/Swiss guy, he asked me if I wanted to go along with him to Belize, wich is a small country, halfway between Mexico and Guatemala. And so I did. Goodbye Playa, goodbye Antonio, I`m gonna miss you my friend.

permalink written by  mshera on October 23, 2009 from Playa del Carmen, Mexico
from the travel blog: The key journey
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