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Great News!

Wellington, New Zealand

I know it's been a little longer than planned after the last post, but nothing much has happened, so you can forgive me for sparing unfortuniate readers the tedium.

Anyway, yesterday I finally managed to find accommodation! Actually, using the word ‘I’ is a little/lot misleading – my mother found it. Honestly, speed and aggression seem to be the key to getting what you want! Mum took one look at my increasingly desperate attempts to find a place to stay, took charge (to my annoyance) and in about half a day had a suitable place.

It’s called ‘Westminster House’ and it’s a Christian non-residential hall. It sounds like I’m getting my own room, but its jolly expensive. This room was possibly the last one left, and the people at the house were dropping hints that there was more than one person after the room. I was sent the agreement to sign, all nice and properly, only I had to fax it back. Who in the world under the age of thirty has used a fax machine nowadays?? I had to do the mean sprint down to church (where my sister was being confirmed), drag my Dad back to our house (he didn’t protest much though – these occasions, important as they may be, are often excruciatingly painful for those watching), and send a fax for me. Luckily Annabel hardly missed us at all – she looked gorgeous up in the sanctuary for the record. Bishop Tom’s (Bish. of Welly) daughter designed his periwinkle blue/purple-shot official robes (she was a costume designer for the Lord of the Rings and got a little creative) and even HE didn’t outshine Annabel. But I digress.

Unfortunately, Mum’s rather successful intervention in my organisation has left both her and dad with the idea that it’s now somehow their trip as well. I had to fight them in order to make sure I was paying for the damn thing – honestly, how selfless can you get, trying to pay for your daughters’ hugely expensive semi-holiday to the United States?? And I won scholarships (MORE THAN ONE!) to go, so it’s not as if I’m paying for most of it anyway!!! Absolutely mad. Less appreciated, but still selfless is their meddling in my banking arrangements. (‘Oh, just use your card and put all your money in our account. We’ll just top you up as you need it!’)
That ain’t happening.

But the biggest and most pressing of my problems has kinda vanished, and it’s now time to sort of the niggles. I will post more as the time gets closer. Leaving date – 17 Aug 2007! (And I still haven’t decided how I’m getting up to ye old Auckland Airport. Wish me luck on that as well.)

permalink written by  Crosswood on July 29, 2007 from Wellington, New Zealand
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.
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The CURSE of having moderately wealthy parents!

permalink written by  Rebecca on August 4, 2007

It's now the 31 of August and I am eating my words. Mum and Dad were right when they said that their way of banking would be easier than mine - in fact mine didn't even work, and I have transfered money to them so they can top up my card. Can anyone spell Irony? (I can't, obviously.)

permalink written by  Crosswood on August 31, 2007

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