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Lima, Peru

The hostel in Lima we had been recommended seemed very nice, and the owners were very friendly, introducing themselves and remembering everyone's name. It was a shame to have to leave Huacachina so soon as it has been very nice to relax for a change, after getting over the shock of no internet.

We had been planning a big dinner out for our last night together but Joanne in particular was quite tired from the previous night's drinking then early rise and she asked me if I would mind giving the expensive meal a miss in favour of nice cebiche for lunch before she left. So we just got some food in a local place, where they at least sold litres of beer, and had a fairly early night. At least we had a double room.

The next morning was all very depressing, while Joanne checked out and left her bag in storage and I transferred mine to a dorm – a different place from her bag. It didn't seem right. And it wasn't, but that's life, eh?

I think we went out for ceviche but I can't really remember, because we had a few cocktails while waiting for Joanne's taxi, then I continued drinking after she left. Everyone else on the roof terrace was planning to go out to a club that night and I was planning to go with them. The problem was that they weren't leaving until midnight, so common sense dictated at that time, while I still had some, that I should probably just go to bed instead of going out, which is what I did.

I wasn't sleeping too well and my room mates didn't come back until about 6am, when they made lots of noise, which prevented me from properly getting back to sleep again, if I had ever been properly asleep.

So, really, I think that has to be the end of the Round-the-World Honeymoon, because you can't have a honeymoon on your own can you?

With Joanne leaving, I felt a similar fear to the one I had before going travelling, or again before arriving in South America after safe Asia and New Zealand. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. We had been together 24 hours every day for more than eleven months and I was already feeling completely lost.

Lima seemed like a hole, too.


permalink written by  The Happy Couple on November 19, 2009 from Lima, Peru
from the travel blog: Michael's Round-the-World honeymoon
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Continued fun on your travels!

Heather :)

permalink written by  Heather on May 13, 2010

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