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Old town of Chania

Chania, Greece

When I first arrived in Crete, I lived in the town of Chania. Chania is the third largest settlement on Crete, and has a diverse history. The town has remnants from the ancient Minoans, Venetian settlers, Turkish mosques, and German roadways. For more photos, you can look me up on flickr or visit my website--just Google me.

Edit: I am not sure why the map is tagged in mainland Greece. Chania is on the Northwest side of the island of Crete (the largest of the Greek islands).

permalink written by  ArielleKristina on January 16, 2009 from Chania, Greece
from the travel blog: Crete, Greece
tagged Greece, Crete, Chania, Xania and Hania

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Aghios Nikolaos, Greece, Greece

We spent a day at sea and played some ship games. Rick won his Ping Pong game.
Then we went to Crete.

After a bit of walking around town, we walked towards a swimming beach. Rick went back later for a swim.

permalink written by  DRKester on September 2, 2009 from Aghios Nikolaos, Greece, Greece
from the travel blog: Turkey and Greece 2009
tagged Crete

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Donkey Island without Donkeys

Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Golden Island as the locals calls Gaidouronisi (I heard that it means donkey Island). It is a extremely small and extremely beautiful. If you are looking for a place to take a break from city life that is the ideal spot. The Island has no construction, shops etc. totally inhabited except the campers. There are daily small ships carrying people and bringing food and water to campers upon phone order. Cell phones works on rare spots so if you want to order something you need to ask to other campers where there is cellphone reception available. About camping important note: it is forbidden to camp with tents! So some people just sleep with sleeping-bags which is ok since temperatures do not drop much at night.
The most fascinating thing about the Island except from the golden sea is the nights. It has such a wonderful sky at night since there is no city light the civilization is far you can see the galaxy!

permalink written by  orhanmd on August 30, 2013 from Agios Nikolaos, Greece
from the travel blog: Donkey Island
tagged Crete and DonkeyIsland

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