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Adding the Master Bedroom

Gordon, Australia

Dick with some help from Glenn has been madly working at Newlyn to fit the Master Bedroom to our vehicle. The plan is, at the last minute, to totally gut the truck and start again!!. Lets hope it all works out. You can see Dick working on the Truck followed by the finished product. It looks terrific - quite spacious - now Caitlin and Riley want to sleep there also but we have 'bags it' first. Not long till we go - We will keep you posted

permalink written by  michelle62 on March 17, 2007 from Gordon, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
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How many Shanahans does it take?????

Williamstown, Australia

How many Shanahans does it take to make tarps and a annex for the super vehicle? Chris was the driving force and enjoyed directing the process. Nettie, Chris, Liz, Lili, Jacinta, and the James worked over the Easter weekend to create a quite unique -in keeping- tarp and annex for the truck. At one stage we had Chris on the sewing machine and three of us holding fabric in different directions - Heaps of fun - We had a slumber party in Altona with Chris and the Easter bunny found us too! Many thanks to all involved especially Chris - it was hard work but lots of fun :)

permalink written by  michelle62 on April 7, 2007 from Williamstown, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
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We are on our way

Echuca, Australia

Well we have eventually hit the road after lots of hard work, blood, sweat and even tears. We certainly underestimated the amount of time in getting ready and should have allowed 3 months. We met Brynley and Jacinta for a fashionably late lunch yesterday and from there picked up our truck and headed to Bendigo. We were so tired that we stopped at a road stop in Rokewood and early this morning we had breakfast in Bendigo and are now in beautiful Echuca. We will be staying the night at Deniliquin tonight and see how our vehicle compares in the 'Ute capital' of Australia. Caitlin is happy with any playground we find and Riley is happy if we stumble upon a cheap book shop. Glenn and I are just numb at the moment as we have not had time to relax - I think it may take a good week before we can just relax and chat.

permalink written by  michelle62 on May 4, 2007 from Echuca, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

Los Angeles, United States

And so the journey begins …

I am currently on China Easter Flight MU586, watching Will Smith play Mr. Suave in Hitch. I should be studying some more Integrated Chinese, but we just had lunch or dinner (not quite sure which) and my concentration is shot, with help from the man in front of me, who could seriously use a shower.

But I guess it’s my fault, I chose this seat: the plane is really empty and each person has at least 2-3 seats to him or herself. Add that to the smaller stature of the Chinese and this is one of the more comfortable rides I’ve been on (minus the BO of man in 55H).

At least I got on this flight? My flight from Dulles to LAX was delayed an hour, and I wouldn’t have had enough time to catch my connection. American Airlines sent me to United, who flew me with ten minutes to spare to catch my connection. LAX sucks, although some of the scenery isn’t so bad, especially when you’re flying over it.

The hostesses have all spoken to me in Chinese, and continue to do so. I don’t quite know what the options for dinner were, there was rou and shi lai? Took the meat, nothing special. Everything with shui, because I don’t remember the other names, don’t drink soda, and don’t feel like drinking on hour 2 of my 13 hr flight. Although BO55H had a bud, and his face is showing it.

Alrighty, I’m going to try to get through a few more of these lessons, the beginning ones of which I mostly remember. But then again, I’m only two lessons in.

permalink written by  waywardwahoo on May 28, 2008 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: Shanghai, China
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