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Waiting for Spring

Stockholm, Sweden

Did Helsinki for a week, then bought a ScanRail pass and headed North in search of the midnight sun. Digging Scandinavia thus far, with one notable exception:

Nobody drinks coffee in Finland. At least they don't drink it in the morning when it makes sense. If you search far and wide you can find a coffee shop, but then it won't open until 10:30am. I can't see how these people survive. Had to leave.

I'm in Stockholm now, about to catch up on much lost sleep. Did a night train from Kemijarvi to Turku, then a day wandering around in search of said cuppacino, then straight onto the night ferry for Sweden, with no cabins available. Got in to a hostel this morning, and ended up in a room with 5 loud italian guys who proceded to pack and talk for 2 hours. Yessir, sleep sounds good.

The midnight sun was cool!

permalink written by  Jason Kester on June 16, 2004 from Stockholm, Sweden
from the travel blog: Southeast Asia, the Trans Siberian and Scandenavia
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First Inspiration

Portland, United States

I first got the idea to build this thing back in the summer of 2005, sitting in the coffee shop at Powell's books in Portland, thumbing through a Lonely Planet book on travel writing. My dreams of a comfortable life as a traveling author were abruptly dashed, but I came across a term that the author had used that stuck with me. Blog-a-bond.

I downed the rest of my coffee and headed to the nearest Starbucks to register the domain. (Yes, it may sound silly to most of you that I would drink coffee in one coffee shop and use another one only for its wireless internet access. But if you're from Portland, you'll understand. Coffee is important.) Anyway, I had the domain even before I knew what I would build. I figured I'd probably throw up a set of tools that the average Joe could use to build something like I had going at http://www.jasonkester.com/ . Still, I was in no hurry to go ahead with anything. I just liked the name.

permalink written by  Jason Kester on July 17, 2005 from Portland, United States
from the travel blog: Building Blogabond
tagged Coffee and Blogabond

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