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Anaheim, United States

up at the crack of dawn to get to Los Angeles, then drive to Disneyland. They close at 11 p.m.…

Found out it's best to do a bit more research before visiting Disneyland. California Adventure park closed at 6, and the main park at 8.

permalink written by  John Koen on May 21, 2007 from Anaheim, United States
from the travel blog: Philadelphia Orchestra U.S. Tour (2007)
tagged Disneyland

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Escape from LA

Los Angeles, United States

There are few people in my life that I feel I will forever be bonded to in a particular way. Melodie is one. We can go ages with out seeing or talking to each other. However, when we finally get to romp around the same city the adventures will make the ground shake.

Feeling stagnant and tired in Atlanta, I set out for Los Angeles. Five days of craziness followed and a rejuvenated lust for travel lingered as I went back to Atlanta. Meeting people, bar hoping, drinking champagne in the pool and eating out in the LA fashion were enjoyable. Meeting up with Carl and getting to spend some time with him was a delight. However, watching Melodie throw a tantrum for the power being out in 100 heat, yelling at bicycles that we were 'bylegicles' on the Venice Beach bike path, 'marching around the block with a sword and shield, falling and getting four HUGE bruises, rocking Disneyland with whiskey sours and all the good conversations in between were what made this trip.

Arriving at LAX at 6am to find that all the standbys were full...for the entire day...was not as much fun. I went into traveler mode, hightailed it to John Wayne Airport in Orange County and got on a flight out of there. In the six hours I was forced to wait in the airport, I acquired an Arnold Schwarzenegger t-shirt that says 'the Govenator,' satisfaction for a day spent watching planes take off.

The downfall of an amazing week in LA is that it gave me the strongest desire to just keep traveling and not come back to Atlanta. I thought the break would make me happier at home but it left me with stronger urges to be in other cities. The coping mechanism; meet new people here.

LA - I fell in love with you, in that strange sort of 'i know you will hurt me but I can't help it' way. I want to come back before I leave the country...we will see.

permalink written by  crAsh13 on June 19, 2008 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: adventures in the US
tagged Disneyland, LosAngeles and VeniceBeach

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Discovering a New Culture

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This is a very late post since I went to Hongkong last October 31, 2010 till November 3, 2010. The reason for the late post is I lost all the pictures and managed to get a copy from my aunt just now. And I'm trying to sort out the pictures.

Since 2004, I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong ever since the topic of us travelling was opened. However, the trip has been postponed and in 2008, they said we will go to Hong Kong again. I didn't put my hopes up this time, since I don't want to bawl my eyes out when they will postpone it again. Originally, I'm supposed to go with my cousins and grandparents but knowing my grandmother, she doesn't want to spend money on things like this. And so they backed out.

My mom and aunt decided to push through with the trip and I couldn't believe that I was going to Hong Kong. The 4-day vacation went to a total bliss. Waking up at around 10am and sleeping around 1am, why? Simply touring the place. I love Hong Kong! The shops, food, area... EVERYTHING!

I really want to go back to Hong Kong soon.

permalink written by  travelingmiyo on November 8, 2011 from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
from the travel blog: See the World
tagged HongKong, Disneyland and OceanPark

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