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No worries mate, its bonza

Sydney, Australia

So here i am, the 6th Capital city in so many months. Keep an eye out for when i get out my 'sight-seeing' mode and update this bloody thing! Wont be long now!

Thank god for Jebadia Springfield (see comment below) i have made a complete fool of myself by calling Sydney the capital of Oz**. It is, in fact (as everyone knows) Canberra. Please note i have been out drinking for 14 nights solid now and blame this for the lack of brain cells! Apologies if offense was caused xxxx

  • * Ive had a little time to think about this, and actually i have been to 6 capital cities in so many months... I dont believe i said Sydney was a capital! London being my first Capital - the day i left for my travels... So Jebadia, if you are reading, HAH i am right!***

  • ** (see 2nd comment) Oh i have a follower, but not of the friend variety! Hope this little lot is entertaining you Jebadia (by the way, is your real name too good to put on the comment entry?)If you knew me or anything about my travels, then you would already know the last statement of travelling the east coast is again incorrect! Good luck with the 'travelling' of your own, maybe send me a link to your site so i can anazyse that? Have fun! xxx

  • permalink written by  Vegtibbles on September 28, 2006 from Sydney, Australia
    from the travel blog: Return of the Tibbler - Down Under
    tagged GDayMate

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