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Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik, Iceland

Me and my mom and my dad and i are going to blue Lagoon. It is supposed to be a spa, my mom says it is from geoeconomic heat from lava.
The water blue and it has calcium in it that helps our skin. When I saw the rocks they were white under the water and black over the water,
they were hard rock like igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are volcanic rocks. They have a bunch of holes inside of them because of the lava bubbles pop.
The reason why the rocks underwater our way is because of the calcium on it, it makes rocks very smooth.
The water feels good on my skin because it contains lots of nutrients and a lot of calcium.
The place looked like the moon, because of all the rocks, it almost looked like a cookie, a watery, green Mossed cookie. We went with two friends we met on our trip.
They were named Katia from Germany and Oliver from Mexico and France.I think they will be the coolest people we will meet on this trip but you never know.

permalink written by  nicoandkara on July 2, 2009 from Reykjavik, Iceland
from the travel blog: Around the world in 80 days
tagged BlueLagoon, Iceland, Lava and GeothermalHeat

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